The Shooting Star

The unforgettable sight and sound of a shooting star is truly something to behold

Mysteriously emanating from the seeming nothing, it mysteriously diffuses back into the seeming nothing. One never forgets the sight and sound of a shooting star, as it lights up, burns up and animates the heavens with its unfathomable sound, beauty and splendour.

It’s gentle rumbling and roaring sound, though short in duration and brief in its expression, yet, swift in its execution. Gone in a flash, gone in the blink of an eye, gone in a microsecond. The brief musical euphoria it leaves behind, is a heavenly musical melody, that cannot be compared to the greatest musical composition, of the highest musical scholastic intellect, of the greatest musical composer that ever lived, living or yet to live.

No, man’s greatest musical ingenuity, nay, the musical ingenuity of the collective consciousness of the race, if it could somehow be put together, would be nothing but a noisy and inharmonious musical drab, a heaping pile of mindless rubbish, babbling musical drivel, bland and dull to the ear, balderdash in nature and downright nonsensical at best, compared to the heavenly melody of God expressing Himself throughout the breathless beauty of the Cosmos.

The graceful streaking neon lights of a shooting star, seem to mysteriously emerge from the Ethers and Nothing and mysteriously dissolve back into the seeming eternal Nothing. The stargazers are left breathless and wonder from whence the shooting star emerges and to where it thus returneth.

But even the Nothing is Something. The Nothing vibrates and pulsates to its own Eternal musical composition, while manifesting Itself in a vast, myriad and multitudinous forms and arrays of expressions, from the minute and microscopic, to the grand and incomprehensibly gargantuan with Life unfathomable.

Indeed, the Universe is bursting, pulsating and fully alive with the Eternal Breadth of God.

God continuously outshines Himself Eternally, in the endless beauty of creation in the Cosmos.

But even all that expressed Beauty of the shooting star, and all the other Glory, Ecstasy, Bliss, Peace, Joy, Rapture, Elation, Euphoria and Splendour of God expressed throughout the Cosmos, is nothing, yea nothing, compared to Who and What Man Is and what has been expressed in and through Him, His Inner Beauty, Light and Glory. The neon streaking lights emerging from the shooting star, bastardly pales in comparison, to the Star, that is Man.

Yes, I’ve seen and heard a shooting star, and it left me O so Breathless.


Cover art: The Carina Nebula – Wikipedia Commons 


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