Where will you be in the year 2079?

What will you be doing in the year 2079? I know it’s a grand question that conjures all sorts of possibilities and images into your mind. Or better, where will you be in the year 2079? I had the most vivid dream  [a Vision more of] The dream starts off with me waking up into my future self in the dream, i.e my “future self” woke up from a slumber, in the my dream. Basically “I woke up” to my future self. Get it? In a manner of speaking, my current self writing this, would be like a dream to my future self who had been sleeping, that I had just woken up or “woken into”. That’s exactly what it felt like, but not surprising, afterall, W.B Yeats did say our past, current and future lives are all going on simultaneously. Reality knows no boundaries of time nor space. And for the religiously inclined, Solomon after did tell us in Eccl.  3 v 115 that “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been” … God doesn’t know what time is, as everything exists in a sort of “Eternal Now” as God is All. The All knows no relative. Time is a relative concept arising from man’s limited consciousness. To quickly prove this or shed some light on this [To anyone reading this blog] We say it’s 2pm or 3pm because the earth has changed it’s position or moved with respect to or relative to the Sun, the Sun being the central body and earth the relative body. Now tell me, does the One who created, contains and encompasses both the Sun, the solar systems, Galaxy and Cosmos have any reference or knows any reference to itself? No! That would imply division of Itself [and God isn’t Divided] or Two “Infinities” and we know this is both a mathematical and an existential impossibility. How does the Absolute reference itself? It can’t, because It’s the absolute and It’s Unity, It only knows Itself. Thus, we say “God knows no time”. This is loosely stated in the Bible that “He is the same yesterday, today and forever”. God doesn’t know time, but God knows sequence, else there would be chaos. Everything exists eternally, but manifests in the world of matter sequentially and in the right order. After all, order is the First Law in Heaven. It’s important that you fully get this concept. On fully getting this, you’ll realize why [or how] the prophets of old or some people through visions or dreams, can accurately predict the future. Nothing manifests in the seeming world of matter, without first occurring in Mind. Similar to the way you can’t build a house without a completed architect’s blueprint. So you realize that things have happened in Mind already stretching into the year 2079 [and further] that will be gradually and sequentially manifesting in the seeming world of matter with “time”. This is a simple or quick and dirty explanation the average person can quickly grasp, but it’s much more abstract than this post will permit. But you get the drift.

So, where was I? Yea, the dream, so I woke up to find myself in a very high tech futuristic lab [Phronetic Labs?] in the year 2079… in the dream and for some reason, I instinctively knew it was the year 2079. The same way you know what day of the year, month, week it is without looking at the Calendar, your internal biological clock tells you. I knew it was the year 2079. What was Amazing was that, I saw the most futuristic and most breadth-taking -mouth watering-drooling technology and gadgets- and-manufacturing processes that are light years ahead of anything that is currently being used or even imagined today or even imagined by the greatest or most imaginative minds of our day. It would make the gadgets on the TV show Futurama, look crude and our current technology, it would make look like something from the stone age. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what we’re capable off!

On waking up, I quickly tried to write down in my notepad [which i always put by my beside before going to bed] the things I had seen, but words failed me 😦

How do you describe the indescribable? How do you explain to someone an experience that the limited twenty-six characters of the english language can’t explain? It reinforces my understanding of why so many ancient civilizations used symbols and images to relate supernatural experiences, and why great spiritual leaders spoke mostly in parables, and why spiritual texts are written with simple allegorical messages hiding their arcane, hidden and cryptic inner messages. Such experiences can’t be put down in words, as spiritual things, must be spiritually discerned

I literally can’t describe what I saw, but what was amazing was that, I had the feeling in my dream that humanity was heading in that direction in making all these things a reality someday. Same way Nikola Tesla had the vision that someday we would all communicate with each other wirelessly. Based on the discoveries of his time, he could “project” a hundred years into the future. Unlike Tesla, I am quite sure this wasn’t the product of my creative imagination, as the things I saw in that dream haven’t even been imagined by the most creative Hollywood CGI expert on a Steven Spielberg Movie, let alone me. It pales in comparison!

Why this vision was shown to me, is unclear, however, if a fraction of the things I saw are bound to unfold in the coming decades of humanity, then humanity is in for one heck of an awesome ride and I hope I am among those who will usher in and lead us into a new era of technological marvel and wonder 🙂




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