The Best Website For Appealing your Parking & Speeding Tickets:


Our website, is finally ready, YAAY! 🙂

After months of reading, ploughing and extracting information from various city parking bylaws, from Toronto, to Calgary to San Francisco, LA and NY, to writing out the specifications and decision algorithm process flow, I am proud to say the website is ready to embrace the world Yaay! We tried to keep the site looking as simple, clean and as user friendly as possible, with only three steps to generate your letter in less than 15 seconds.

We’re currently conducting beta testing and will be launching the parking appeals for Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, NY and LA. In the coming weeks after initial user feedback and analysis, we’ll launch the Traffic and Red light Ticket appeals. The goal is to have parking ticket appeals for the top 100 cities in North America, UK and Europe. The good thing about the former, is, anyone from anywhere in the world, with a Traffic ticket would be able to generate the specific appeal letter that they can take to court to dispute their ticket, seeing that traffic laws around the world regarding police radars and speed/red light cameras are pretty the same. Having worked with cops, lawyers and traffic enforcement officers in composing the appeal letters for the traffic, we’re pretty confident our letters will have a high rate of success in having their traffic tickets dismissed

For now, all the letters will be automatically generated from our database, where the letters are already stored, however, as we proceed, we’ll be able to integrate an actual AI Bot System [IBM maybe] that will be able to compose actual letters on the fly, intelligently and organically, that’s kinda what the cool awesome pulse heartbeat means. So check it out, one of my gifts to humanity,  hehe and like us/share your parking/traffic ticket stories with us on our facebook page or just stop by and drop us a big ol High Five!





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