How can you develop humility, when you’ve never been humbled?

How can you develop empathy, when you’ve never walked in the shoes of another?

How can you feel sympathy, when you’ve never felt the hardship of another?

How can you care, when you’ve never been neglected?

How can you go out of your way to help another, when you’ve never been at the end of your rope?

How can you forgive others, when you haven’t forgiven yourself?

How can you know what bondage is, when you’ve never been imprisoned?

How can you empower others, when you’ve never felt the pangs of powerlessness?

How can you know what patience is, unless you’ve dwelt in anger?

How can you appreciate life, when you’ve never been at the verge of losing it?

How can you know how strong you are in overcoming difficulty, if you’ve always been in a comfortable situation?

How can you know what courage is, unless you’ve been put in a frightnening situation?

How can you know wisdom and knowledge, unless you’ve dwelt in ignorance?

How can you appreciate the value of resources, if you’ve never lacked it?

How can you value friendship?

How can you value loyalty, if you’ve never been betrayed?

How can you value the companionship?













I AM – by Richard Brewer

For ages countless in this world

My Spirit has traversed

I’ve had my cultures rise and fall

In great sporadic bursts

Cross mighty oceans, mountain ranges

Deserts I have Spanned

And observed perpetual changings

In the heavens and the lands

I’ve been prayed to and been revered

I’ve been killed and been harassed

And many times have I been loved

And many times outcast

I am the Yin, I am the Yang

I am both day and night

I am the Alpha and the Omega

Simultaneous wrong and right

I am Yeshua Ben-Joseph

I am [M] and the Buddha

Call me Moses or Elijah

Nostradamus, Zarathustra

I am Hermes, I am Krishna

I am the RAM and Lao-Tzu

I am all the Saints and Sages

And the basis of their truths

I will answer to Atilla

Alexander Graham Bell

You may call me Quetzalcoatl

I am known as William Tell

Michelangelo and Hitler

Have I written as my name

And the boy-King, Tutanhamen

He and I are one and Same

I’ve explored with Ponce de Leon

And Columbus knew me well

And historians devote their lives

My stories to re-tell

I am the poet and the painter

I am Shakespeare and Van Gough

I am philanthropist and warrior

Gandhi and Geronimo

I am holy man and sinner

I am master and I am slave

I am the hills and I am the valleys

I am the wind and I am the wave

I am the cypress and the sycamore

The egret and the tern

I am the tiger and the tit-mouse

The cactus and the fern

I am the agate and the emerald

I am iron and I am glas

I am turquoise and I am coral

I am silk and I am brass

I’ve invaded every jungle

And my ships have known all coasts

And a human lunar landing

Finds a place among my boasts

Have you seen the Tower of London

I am credited for that

And the New York World Trade Centre [Former]

Is a feather in my hat

The pyramids of Egypt

The ancient Chinese wall

The Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower

I designed and built them all

Yes, I have created all

And more than herein told

And I will call myself a god

If I may make so bold

And here, I further venture speak

That naught can stay my hand

For I who write these words

Am the collective mind of man


Funny & Interesting observations from living in Naij: Part I [Also: Little Nuggets of Truth for Higher Living]

One year later and still going strong in the motherland. In the spirit of reflection and retrospection, I decided to list down the few observations from the last year in Nigeria, after spending more than a decade in obodoyibo land of Canada, aka the maple leaf country. Having trotted around the country from Abuja, to kogi to Kaduna [aka KD] to Warri to Illorin and now in Lagos, I’ve observed quite a few things common with the folks of this “great” Nation. Some of them are obvious and funny, others are interesting, while others are just down right annonicoying. This is besides the obvious ones like, there’s never light [up nepa! lol] and people are generally friendly and happy [in spite of all the shit and hardship!]. Saying it’s a huge contrast to the maple leaf land would be overstating the obvious, however, seeing that I grew up here and lived here and went through the horrors of boarding school before jetting off for Canada at 18 years of age back in 2004, after one horrendous A-levels experience at Oxbridge, readjusting back was no problem at all, as it honestly felt like I never left. Besides nothing or very little had changed in the thirteen years I’d been gone, the roads are still shitty and bad [Lokokdja!], nepa still takes light like they just don’t care lol suya still taste just as good yum yum! and you still need to know that person at the top to get that contract awarded to you! ah yes, I am back home in the motherland!

Please note, this is a very long ass post [seriously, it is! I call it, the “Marcel Proust’s version of blogs” lol and I don’t expect you to read it fully in one sitting. But kudos, if you actually do], when I start writing, I can’t stop. Mostly in part because this “blog” site of mine, I try to keep very private and feels more of a diary [it has no readers or subscribers] and most of the posts are set on private mode, as the messages are waaay too abstract for public viewing and are for my own personal meditations or maybe because the words flow freely like a river from the millions of words floating deep in my subconscious. For some reason, I felt I should make this one public though, not that anyone’s reading anyways. But I feel, when the time comes, this post will reach the hearts and minds of those who need the information stated on here, delivered to their mobile/laptop/desktop screens, by the unfailing and invisible hands of Truth. And they  will either find it either humorous, informative, inspiring, very annoying or all four 🙂

I suggest you take a very comfortable sitting position, take down a notepad and pen, cos you may want to write down some of this stuff to ponder about later.  So without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we? A list of things to expect when [if ever] you come back to the 234 and little nuggets of Truths to adopt into your life for Higher Living. Maybe the information on here will change your life for the better, who knows. You can’t hear Truth and have your life remain the same. Happy reading! Enjoy!

  1. Most People Have Multiple Cell Phones [and multiple phone numbers]

EVERYONE has AT LEAST two cell phone numbers [and multiple cell phones]. I can count with my fingers the number of people I’ve met during my adventure here, that have JUST one cell phone with just ONE number. Naw, here everyone either has an archaic nokia 3310 [which they won’t just let go off] plus an additional smartphone [insert any number of smart phones here] from unknown brands [see point two] like Teckno to well known brands like Iphone and Samsung. People still cling on to their classic phones which for some reason they just won’t let go off or stop using! So you see people constantly switching their attention [confused much?] from their old phone to the new, trying to keep track of God knows what between the two [or three or four]. Don’t get me started on those who have three or more cell phones cos they constantly need to buy the latest phone that come out without discarding or giving away or selling the old one. Question, if you’re going to go for every new phone that comes out, shouldn’t logic imply that you get rid of the old one to make room for the new?. Nope, not in Nigeria.

This becomes a royal pain in the ass, when you ask someone for their number and they spit out multiple phone numbers. My God is not a God of confusion, the universe is built and works in perfect harmony and order, either something works and works very well in the universe, or it doesn’t exist at all. There’s no duality with God! God is not confused and doesn’t give you a vision today and then gives you a different vision that contradicts the vision he gave you earlier. So why are you giving me two cell phone numbers? Is it your mission to just confuse me? Giving me more than one number confuses you [not me, cos I’ll delete both and not call you].There’s no problem in having more than one cell phone or multiple numbers, as long as you don’t confuse the hell out of people by giving them both. It becomes a bigger royal pain in the ass, when both the numbers the person gives you doesn’t work or show up on whatsapp [perhaps they have five cell phone numbers and you’re not important or worthy enough to have all five of their numbers] aargh!

2. The Weirdest and Most Unknown Brands Dominate the Market

Forget Samsung or Iphone or any of that Sony magic shit, here you’ll hear brands that sound like a novice marketer conjured it up without giving it much thought. These brands are not well known [at all] to the International community [or at least in North America]. Brands like Tecno [Not to be confused with Tekno, my fav naij artist], Gionee [I laughed hard the first time I heard that one], Injoo [Say what now?], Infinix [ok, that one doesn’t sound too bad] and a bunch of other brands that sound just as funny to pronounce as they are as fickle and subpar in their performance. Don’t get it twisted, these brands sell and have cornered the African market, Tecno is a well known brand in Nigeria and Africa at large and even some parts of Asia. These brands offer affordability and that accessibility to the broader market of folks that can’t afford the more popular brands, the Iphones and Samsungs of the world. Brace yourself for a world of surprise when you go shopping for a “smart” phone at your nearest GSM village.

3. Telemundo and Zee world Soap Opera Rule the Hearts of Many [women!]

I hear you laughing out loud lol I’ll let you finish your laughter before I continue …

Are you done laughing? lol okay. I am still laughing out loud too. Most people know that Latin America is the home of the Soap Opera, from International well known classic shows like ‘All my Children’ to ‘Santa Barbara’ all show love and romance going through the most dramatic plots and storylines to illustrate what people will do for a taste of love. In Nigeria, Spanish speaking [dubbed in English] Telemundo and Indian Zee World Tv run rampant in the hearts of the ladies. Saying it’s an addiction would be an understatement of the century. A lady once told me, and I quote, “Even if it’s just fifteen thousand naira I had left in the bank and my DSTV subscription has expired, I’ll use that money to re-subscribe to DSTV just to watch the next episode of Telemundo”. Ah, there you have it! Not every woman watches telemundo [maybe cos they haven’t watched it yet? lol], but the ones that do [a majority of them] love them with a passion. They don’t call these tv soap operas ‘passionate’ for nothing. The ladies really get into it. When I mean Ladies, I mean literally from the little girls as young as 7 to 9 year olds [the two tiny smallie maids in our house and EVERY house I’ve been to that has young or adult maids] to as old as 70 year olds can’t get enough of these Spanish and Indian [both dubbed in English] soap operas with ridiculous story plots and story lines that are as crazy and ludicrous, as they are as addictive.

4. African Magic is still riddled with Terrible [and very long ass] Movies [and people still watch and enjoy them]

The heading says it all here. If you don’t know what African Magic is or watch it, good for you.

5. Everyone [ok most people] Bets and Gambles with Football Matches [or Soccer, whichever one floats your boat]

Okay, before I came back, after being gone for the better part of a decade or so in 2004, I knew gambling and betting was a worldwide psychological problem, but boy I didn’t know this disease had permeated and pervaded the heart of my country people. Very sad! When I say everyone bets in this country, I am speaking contextually with the guys, the same way the women watch telemundo and soap opera [not all of em, but the ones that watch, watch it with their lives] is the same way the men [most men] bet away their lives here. I mean literally around 7 in 10 men bet at least three times a week to just about EVERY football league on the planet. Turkish league, Egyptian league, Israeli League, Russian League and of course, the English Premier League. In fact, I started hearing leagues I never knew existed in the footballing world. Some third division second class rated league in Turkmenistan lol Here, every league is game!

If I’m not mistaken, back in the day growing up, betting was almost a taboo of some sorts. Same way smoking used to be looked and frowned upon when I was growing up. Not today. In case you’re trying to figure out my age, I am 30. Born 1986. So even growing up in the 90s, smoking, gambling and all these things were very frowned upon, cos you know, people still had a sense of morality, right and wrong. Not today, anything goes. Moral decadence prevails.

In fact, gambling and betting is some people’s full time job lol. And I am not talking about the bookies [how do I know that word? lol] and people that work at the betting shop, naw, I am saying there are people who LITERALLY rely on betting outcomes for their source of daily bread [I thought God was your source of daily bread? The actual translation of The Lord’s prayer goes …’Give us [your Grace] this day, [for] our daily bread’…] But no, people have put God in the back seat of their lives and gambling/betting has literally become front and center of their lives.

This problem is soo rampant that even on some radio stations, they’ll read out the live scores of the matches and whoever is working radio shift that day, will tell the world if his bet or “ticket” has been successful or “spoilt” [In case you hear them saying “Liverpool don spoil my ticket! lol That’s what the saying means]. What is really sad about this one is that, it’s sooooooooooooo rampant and common, that it has become the norm and the ethical questions, consequences and psychological ramifications have been thrown out the window and discretionary caution thrown to the wind. People simply forget [if they ever remembered] that with each bet, you give that thing control over you and you literally become a slave to it. It becomes your master. What is also ironically funny, since I got here, I’ve not seen anyone win haha! Not one penny! The more they play, the more they lose or “come close” to winning. There’s always an “almost”. Maybe someone should remind them that the Universe doesn’t work that way and in the immortal words of Albert Einstein, “God doesn’t play dice”. You can’t get something from nothing. Something’s gotta give.

It’s ironic, as this is suppose to be a deeply “religious” country [with more churches per area than anywhere on earth and in the known Universe, for all we know. More on this point later] and gambling goes AGAINST EVERYTHING that is taught in EVERY RELIGION and by EVERY RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL LEADER that ever walked this earth. Ironic huh! The excuse [carnality and ignorance will always seek to justify it’s actions] they give to justify their habits is that “it’s an additional income” or my favourite “everything in life is a gamble” lol No, not everything in life is a gamble. But I guess when you’re a gambler, everything looks like a gamble. To the hammer, everything is a nail that should be hit on the head. To the artist and painter, the whole world is a painting. To the thief, everything is a potential target. So of course, to the gambler, everything in life is a gamble.

That’s the only problem with cold Logic and the carnal reasoning mind, it’ll come up WITH EVERY EXCUSE under the sun to justify it’s actions. Even the thief will come up with a long list of justifiable reasons to go and steal and rob someone else. This is what the great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant tried to dispute in his classic book, ‘The critique of Reason’. Your reason and logic isn’t always right. Actually, it’s a very neutral agent and will pick the side that best benefits you if you don’t have any moral compass. With a slippery sloppy [pun intended] thinking like that, you see why evil runs rampant in the world today, because with cold logic reasoning mind like that, anything goes and anything is game, as every act of evil will always find a justifiable reason for its action. Sad.

This is why the Master told us to “Deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him”. We must put away this false erroneous consciousness that has us soo bound in the shackles and limitations of self. What St Paul calls ‘putting away the corruptible [self] and taking on the incorruptible [Christ substance body]’. This is where strength of will, joined with an Understanding [The Understanding Solomon said we should all get] that is based on the indomitable, untaintable and unshakable rock of Truth, to be Divinely guided and to not go with the crowd and herd mentality [which runs rampant and wild here, see the last point of this article] and hold your own and not give in to the myriad of worldy temptations, but walk on the “narrow and strait path”.

6. The funniest and weirdest things are printed on T-Shirts lol

You name it and I’ve seen it! Is it ABC, 123 repeated as a pattern on a T-shirt or tank top? Is it daffy duck or tom and jerry?Is it an endless array of Emoji [yup! I kid you not, Emoji printed T-shirts] and Emoticons printed in bold yellow? Is it Popeye or Mickey Mouse? [I am serious, adults put on Mickey mouse T-shirts printed in bold pink here] If I were to go on, I’d be writing for days. When it comes to T-shirts prints, anything is game here. Even a relative of ours told us she went to a store in Enugu or so and saw a T-shirt top printed with the faces and pictures of the traditional wedding of my two sisters! Both of their [very beautiful hehe] faces were printed on the T-shirts and being sold! hm …

And people, both the guys and the girls, flaunt and wear whatever it is, that is printed on their shirts with pride, which they should, as fashion is subjective. Good for them! Again this has to be looked at in context. There are many of those who wear all the latest and best designer clothing and all that, this doesn’t apply to most. However, don’t be surprised when you see a fully grown man and lady, in the market, putting on a shirt that says A is for apple and B is for Ball …  What is good for the goose, is surely good for the gander 🙂

7. Drinking [in beer parlours] is a full time job lol

In Canada and most [everywhere actually] parts of North America, bars and restaurants aren’t and can’t serve alcohol before a certain time in the morning or a few hours after noon. It’s just common sense. Beside these periods being the most productive hours of the day [go figure], and getting wasted and drunk at 10 am on a Monday Morning isn’t the most precious use of your time or a valuable contribution to society’s, even if you’re an alcoholic. Even alcoholics need time to sober up, before getting smashed again lol. Not in Nigeria, here as early as Sunday morning, heck, 9am on a Monday Morning, people are already two, three, four malta guiness bottles in at their favourite joint haha! ANYTIME of ANYDAY of the week is game. Anything goes in this country lol.

The beer parlours are always open for business. As early as 9 am on a Sunday morning, the beer parlous are already full with people drinking their lives and brain cells away.  I used to think Canadians and American college frat boys and sorority girls drank like animals, pfft, they are toddlers compared to my country people. Where you’ll see a group of party goers in North America get drunk on a few cans or few cases and bottles of budlight [in their baby sized filling bottles haha], here people don’t get drunk after emptying five, six bottle rounds of almost 6 litre sized bottles lol

You know how your body eventually adapts to your eating or living situation, here people’s systems have adapted to their daily and constant consumption of alcohol that it has no more effect on them. If Americans and Canadians drank a tenth of the fraction of the alcohol consumed in this country every day, there would be no drinkers left there, because they would all have died of alcohol poisoning. The only other country that can be compared to the drinking level of Nigerians, is Russia. Because Russians drink hard pure vodka containing 40 percent or more alcoholic content. Russian Standard! Just to put in context, Nigerians consume more Malta Guiness, than the Irish who make the Malta Guiness. . It’s hard to produce leaders of a refined quality, when their minds [as the citizens become leaders] are in a constant state of numbness.Talk about a wasted generation.

8. ALL the weddings are the same!

If you’ve attended one, you’ve really attended all of them lol. And when I mean the same, I LITERALLY MEAN THE SAME! There’s very little variation. The same format, the same music, the same style, the same decoration, the same outfits, the same [boring and very unfunny] MC, the same Dj playing the same music, [I saw the same DJ at two separate weddings] the same ‘hey-groom-get-up-and-sing-a-song-to-your-wife’ song! The song he sings [and if you’ve attended any weddings recently, you’ll know the song I am talking about hehe] to his bride, is the same song I’ve heard in literally ALL [Yes, ALL!] the weddings I’ve attended when they tell the groom to get up and sing to his new wife. It’s all soo uncanny. Not quite sure if it shows the lack of originality and creativity of the wedding planners or people constantly looking at other people’s lives and trying to copy it at all cost. People barely think for themselves anymore [Again, see the last point in this article]  You don’t need to have a keen sense of observation to know that it’s all from the same wedding play book or from people spending too much time on Bella Naija. An instance occurred where a friend and I went to a wedding location, and there were four [Yes, four] wedding receptions going on at the same time and we even went into the three wrong ones before we eventually found the right one lol … that’s not the crazy part, what is soo crazy is that, wait for it … all the bridesmaid [or bridal train or whatever you call the girls that act as chaperone to the bride] in all the halls of the three different weddings we stumbled into, ALL WORE THE SAME OUTFITS.

9. Weddings! Weddings!! Weddings!!!

Without trying to restate the above points or sound like a wedding damper or “wedding pooper” like my yankee North American friends will say lol There are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many weddings going on a Saturday morning in this country lol Don’t get me wrong, weddings are good and thank God you’ve found each other, hurray yippie lol But on looking closer, you’ll see that too many of these people are getting married just because of the sake of getting married or because they’re seeing their friends getting married [wedding fever has gripped the country]. Don’t get me started that most of these people want to throw lavish weddings and keep up with the joneses, even though most of them CLEARLY CAN’T afford it, [Nigerians, we like what others have too much, biko!] or blow their whole savings [and borrow!] just in the name of a wedding! In this area, you really see people’s sense of poor judgement come to full light! *shaking my head*

I’ve attended three [or four or five? too many to keep track of] were it was CRYSTAL CLEAR that these couples didn’t have the funds to throw a wedding, but had to try and keep up with the jonese of the really rich folks wedding they probably read on bella naija a few months ago or attended. I mean in Nigeria, those who have money, have it plenty and don’t hesitate spending it [and showing it off *ahem*]. So in a manner of speaking, there are weddings you attend, and instantly, you KNOW money was not a problem lol These we call the “porsche” weddings. The calibre of people and guests at the wedding alone, will tell you that these folks are not playing around. When the time comes to spray money, there’s no shortage of naira, dollars, pounds, euros and any other relevant currency circulating the local and global economy. In fact they will even invite Rick Ross to come and perform, no problem. Even the souvenir and gift hampers handed out to the guests alone, will make you wish all the weddings you attended dished out such lavish gifts lol Unfortunately, this is naija and for every porsche wedding you attend, there are ten more you attend you knew, the couple tried to emulate their rich counterparts or keep up with the joneses and it was, what my western folks call an epic fail. Cut your coat according to your material oh, my country people. Not everyone can throw a lavish wedding. In fact, you’ll go broke trying to copy someone else. I am just calling it as it is. The sacred book did teach us to be “content with what we have”

Absolutely no one will hassle you if you threw your wedding in your living room with just your immediate family members, like they do in North America and Europe. But no, it’s naija, everyone must “shine” … “warri nor dey carry last” lol, even if it means borrowing to do it. We have a chronic poser/posing mentality in this country and nowhere is it more evident than in the plethora of weddings that are thrown every Saturday. So now you’ve tried to cut your coat according to that Bella Naija wedding you saw and spent all that [borrowed *ahem*] money on your wedding, now what? Are you happy with yourself now that you spent money you should have saved up for your first/second born kids on Moet? lol “My people perish for lack of wisdom”

Don’t get me started on those who get married and can’t cater to the responsibilities of raising and providing for a family. Don’t let the rice and beans you ate at your wedding deceive you, being a family man is no easy task and it literally starts the day you tell that sissy eko to marry you or the next day after your wedding. I hear some people saying, “so does that mean I shouldn’t marry, just because I am not financially stable”. Yes! That is what I am Absolutely saying! Why take on responsibilities you can’t handle or bring children into this world to suffer and cry because they’re starving? If you really want to marry that woman and start a family, use it as a motivation to make it or establish yourself! Plan and do it [at least to a certain degree] before the marriage act, not after.

The good [and inspiring] thing about being single is, you only have yourself to worry about and fend for, which is already hard and tough as it is, phew! it’s tough being a struggling single guy, eating noddles, soaking garri and groudnut every night lol let alone a struggling married guy with a struggling married wife, with kids! … thanks, but no thanks!

Rather than focusing on taking different women on several dates everyday with money you don’t have or trying to impress them with your techno phone lol spend that time thinking about business ideas [not 419 ideas oh! lol] to make your life better. Trust me, if you ask God for ideas, he’ll supply them. Then you execute them. They might look like small ideas with no meaningful end in sight, but begin and it will expand and other parts of the ideas you didn’t see will gradually show up. Or the idea might sound very big and you may not have the initial capital for it, but keep thinking about that idea and contemplating and praying about it and the resources and funds to make that idea happen will be provided to you. After all, did the One who gave you the idea, not provide and furnish you with the means to execute the idea? “All good and perfect gifts come from above, coming down from the father of lights” It’s your heavenly Father’s joy to see you express your creativity and add to the good of society with your business ideas.

“Order is the first law in heaven”. There’s a time for everything under the sun. Don’t waste your life and your potential away chasing potential spouses to spend the rest of eternity with you, when you haven’t better’d your own life, haba! And this goes for both guys and girls, men and women, dudes and chicks, sissies and guy men lol Tough pill to swallow, but hey, this is my blog and you don’t have to read it or agree with it.

Focus on establishing yourself and the women will come. Like one cop once said in a movie to his rookie partner, “The world will never run short of women that want to spend your money” lol And women, focus on establishing yourself too, so you’re not totally dependent on any man that thinks he owns you. Guys love independent women too. Maybe some guys are insecure about it and don’t want you to make more than them, then good riddance, show them the door! At least you know they’re not right for you. Meeting someone shouldn’t hold you back, if anything, they should be the wind to you sails pushing you forward. If you’re not better off, mentally, emotionally, financially or in your spiritual life, than you were before you got married, then it’s time to rethink that marriage. We move forward in life, not backward. There’s a natural progression of expansion and growth everywhere in life and in the Universe. Even right now, right at this very second you’re reading these words, the universe is literally expanding! As vast and as seemingly complete and beautiful the cosmos looks, God is literally creating right now and expanding the universe, He’s not done, he’ll never be done. Expansion and Expression is He’s nature. If your spouse/bf/gf/friend or any person for that matter, is holding you back from becoming all that you could be or that God attained for you, then time to re-position yourself in that relationship so as not to let them hold you back. How you re-position yourself, is up to you.

I honestly believe the saying, that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’. I honestly believe it. And it may sound like an overly used platitudinal cliche statement, but almost every woman has a sixth sense most men don’t have. Women are always seeing things in their dream lol [most of them, play out in real life! Forget pastors, women are the real prophets!] and have a sixth sense and see things waay before they even happen. A woman will smell a shady guy before he even opens his mouth to speak. They smell bullshit from a mile away. Some of them just choose to be blind to the bullshit. But that’s a story for another day. If they took this sixth sense, charm and grace into establishing themselves or business, they’d be ruling the world by now. And some of them do, the Oprah Winfreys, the JK Rowlings and the Linda Nkejis of this world. I don’t always like it when I see another “woman’s empowerment” rant on social media or on the news. Women already have the power. But I guess some of them need to be told or reminded in the form of “empowerment” speeches. I’ve read thousands of books and essays, spanning fiction, non-fiction, social science, psychology and everything under the sun since I’ve been a toddler reading, and most of the books I remember, as well as some of my favourite authors, were the women authors, there was soul and warm motherly love in their writings.

Ok back to the marriage business. Don’t marry because you’re bored with your life and need activity and kids to give you a sense of achievement. You’ll be marrying for the wrong reason and it won’t be long before you’re overwhelmed with it all and need another “distraction” from your “distraction” to get a sense of “achievement”. Don’t marry anyone out of sympathy either. You’ll regret it, when you meet the person that you actually think is right for you. Don’t marry if you don’t think you’re ready for the financial responsibilities of marriage, even though everyone around you is pressuring you to.

I attended one [the wedding in which my friend and I stumbled into three others first] were the groom was advertising his music CDs [Yes, he was selling and advertising his records] to the guests to buy. It wasn’t so much as the sad sight of seeing this guy try and sell his records to his own guests, it was that the CD [which I really did want to buy, at least to support him ] was POORLY POORLY POORLY POORLY POORLY [X 1000000] designed/executed! [See point 11, most blue collar workers do pooor sloppy slopshod quality work] The CD title was printed in reverse [I am not kidding] and you needed to put the CD in front of your car mirror to get a double reverse effect to read the title of this dude’s “album”. The paper casing was terrible. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the CD was picked up from the dump yard. Saying it was in a state of poor derelict condition would be grossly underestimating how bad this CD looked.

If you can’t even put excellence into something as simple as an album, how can you put it into your own life or wedding or marriage? Don’t get me started with the MC, who looked and presented himself in just as bad a condition, [he had a white dirty canvass on! with jeans and a monkey jacket, with a blue inner turtle neck! WTF?] as the people who hired him. I am not saying the MC needed to put on something expensive or present himself in a flashy over the top kill, far from it, but you can present yourself [or your album lol] excellently well without breaking the bank. This doesn’t mean posing either. There’s a sweet spot that hovers just above confidence, but way below arrogance and pride. Some people feel they have to be arrogant, proud and loud to be confident. Meekness is power! I repeat, meekness is power! “No matter how hard the wind bats and buffets against the mountain, the mountain will never bow to it” says a Chinese Philosopher. But meekness is not weakness or blind servility. When Jesus stood in front of Pontius Pilate and was falsely accused and didn’t need to defend himself, because he knew who he was. THAT understanding that comes from an inner consciousness, that assures you of who you are, that’s the sweet spot I am talking about.

People unfortunately don’t take those little things seriously. Back to the wedding CD dude, everyone wants to do great and mighty works, wants to do great things, but they forget it starts with doing small tasks excellently well. GOD WILL NOT PUT his hands on anything that is sloppily executed. Be rest assured that if you do sloppy work, God is as far away from that work as the heavens are as far from the oceans and that thing will barely make any progress or dent in the lower, let alone, upper echelons of society. It was a sorry sight, to say the least seeing this guy try to sell something on his wedding day I won’t even take if given for free. And yet he’s getting married!

But yea, coming back to the original point, too many people getting married because of peer pressure from parents, family members, friends, work mates etc. Stay on your own and make your own life better! Is it by force to Marry? Will your parents and friends be there when you are going through the hell of post marital bliss? Enjoy being single. And this doesn’t mean living like a swine or indiscriminately either, far from it. Discover your inner/higher self and light, grow in every aspect of your life and when that spouse/partner comes, they’ll fit in perfectly into your life. Stop putting your faith and trust in other people. I really don’t like when I’m dating a girl and she tells me “I am her everything” …please oh, I am not your everything oh, God is your everything. Seriously, for guys and girls [YOU ARE NOT KIDS OR TEENAGERS IN SECONDARY SCHOOL ANYMORE] Don’t ever call anyone your everything or ever let anyone call you their everything. God is your everything! God is your everything! I repeat, God is your everything! Maybe you don’t yet understand who you are or just what you’re a part of, but when you grasp the meaning to even the slightest extent, the unplumbed powers of God that are lying latent within you awaiting you beck and call,  you’ll really slap yourself on the cheek for ever calling anyone your everything. God is your everything. God is the only lover of your soul. God is your “always and your forever”. God is the one that was there before you even manifested into form, the form and when you’ll dissolve back into substance.

There’s sooooo much “mysteries” and hidden gems that you are yet to discover and find out about yourself, that when you start discovering yourself, desperately trying to marry someone else who you think will magically take all your troubles away and make your life and existence better, will honestly be the last thing on your mind. Don’t take my word for it, take God’s. There are seven thousand promises in the sacred Book of the Bible [Yes, seven thousand!] If someone promises you something seven thousand times, there must be something in it. If you are not getting the benefits of said promises, it’s because you either don’t yet have that inner Spiritual Understanding of the writing of the sacred book unlocked and awakened in your consciousness, which can only be revealed to you by God in your spirit or simply because you have not fully trusted. You trust God in some aspects of your life, but have to “leave God out” in some other aspect. There’s no such thing as half trust, either you are all in or you are out. Either “you are with me or you are against me”. You put your trust in man, your friends, rich relatives, your spouse, your “connections”, your money etc.  When last did you really call God your everything? But you called your bf/gf and spouse your everything last night lol And you wonder why you are not manifesting great and mighty works. Even the Master told his disciples, “don’t call me lord, only your heavenly father is Lord”.

Trust God on this one. Socrates said “man, know thyself”. He knew Something. Maybe you don’t yet know what he meant, when you start awakening your soul from the deep sleep it currently is, to a higher consciousness and more sublime Christ life that has been awaiting your recognition since before the beginning of the world[Jesus said; ‘before Abraham I AM’], you will come to the realization that you are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t grovel or beg someone to marry you or cater for you. If you put your trust and well being on them, you’ve ignorantly handed them the keys to your life, freedom and happiness. When you majestically enter into your high, mighty and Divine estate, you will be like the Eagle soaring high above the clouds, not bothered by what’s going on down below.

In fact, others will be lining up to have what you have. Others will feel the love of God emanating from the very depths of your soul, that they will want to partake of what you have and will even want to be part of your life. They will be the ones begging for your companionship. Because you’re living from a higher level of consciousness. All these things might sound martian and foreign to some, but to the awakened few, or those in the process of awakening they know and can get a hint of what I am talking about. This stuff you can’t explain with words.

Get a grip on your emotions. Yes you might be in “love” with that person, but just maybe, just maybe that “love” is really your selfish desire and infatuation fanned by the heightened flames of your senses for that person, acting out. There’s a big difference between infatuation or fickle fleeting conditional affection and Love. I always laugh when I hear a couple say “e are in q loveless marriage” lol what they really mean to say is, “we are no longer infactuated with each other”. They were never in love wth each other. In fact, very few couples are. Your fickle affection that swings fromo a high one day and to a low the other, fleeting in nature towards that person, is not Love. Call it what you want, but don’t call it Love. Sugared coloured “Vitamin water” is NOT water. Water is colourless, odourless and tasteless. The word “vitamin” nullifies and voids the condition of water, therefore it is not water. It is either a vitamin drink or H2O. Infatuation is not Love.The love a mother has for her new born child, is the only thing that really comes close or can even be compared to what true Love is on the human level of understanding. It barely ever fades or dies. That’s love!

Don’t act and make life long decisions based on your fleeting and tricky infatuation towards that person or because everyone else is doing it [again see the last point]. Think with a very clear head. In fact, if you’re making any decisions in that hightened emotional state, it’s probably a wrong decision. They say don’t act or do anything when you’re angry. Well, the corollary is even more true and sinister, don’t make rash impulsive decisions when you’re on a sugar high excitement. They’re opposite ends of the same stick. That’s why we must be centered in our emotions, neither acting rashly out of anger nor acting rashly out of excitement. Let the sugar rush wear off and then think with a clear head, then if your head and your heart agree, then go ahead and make that decision. The same way the Master balanced Love with good Judgement. Love is good, very good, however, it must agree with judgement before acting. Love is the referee, good judgement is the linesman.

Example, you “love” [infatuated] that girl and can’t stop jumping like a chicken around her, it’s “love” to propose to her and start a family and all, but terrible judgement if you don’t have enough financial standing to raise a family. I am using marriage as an example, because this is the one were people use their hearts without using their heads.But I can hear you say, “well If I’m not married by 30, 40, 50 etc what will people think of me? Won’t people consider me a failure?” Well, what will they think of you when you marry and your kid(s) can’t go to school because you can’t afford it? or your wife is literally begging the neighbours for food because you have none of yourself? [I’ve seen that one happen live and direct] or doing God knows what for money? Don’t kid yourself, these things are happening more than you think. I’ve seen them first hand! If you thought people thinking less of you because you’re single at 40, is bad, try imagining what they’ll think of you when you’ve failed in EVERY aspect of your marriage and family responsibilities.

The same people that “pressured” you to marry because “you should be settled down by now” are the same [literally the same people] that will be the first to pick up stones to persecute you, laugh at you [or as they say, “yab you”] when you can’t keep up with your marriage and family responsibilities. After giving you money, they will pick up their techno phone lol and call every they know and give them your gist that you can’t take care of your family. Even that stranger that you met once, that you think doesn’t know you, even that stranger knows your matter!  The same people that said “see that 40 year old guy hasn’t married”, will literally be the ones to say “that one that married and can’t take care of his family”. But you knew you weren’t ready, you knew you weren’t ready for the responsibilities of marriage, but no, you had to go with the bandwagon, you had to marry because everyone was doing it. You gave in to the pressure. Now you can’t handle the responsibilities. According to the sister pop group from the 90s “phillips phillips” in their hit song “hold on”, ‘you have no one to blame, but yourself’. I really feel for you. Don’t be heavy hearted my good friend, God will provide and deliver you. All you have to do is Go Into the Silence for 20 minutes every day. Don’t say anything, just be silent everyday for 20 minutes and soon things will start turning around for you, for “IN THE SILENCE, YOU’LL FIND AND ENTER THE SECRET PLACE”. If you forget EVERYTHING you read in this article today, don’t forget that one or fail to do that one, it’ll literally change your life! Write it down and do it everyday and you’ll see the glory of God in action. Don’t question it, just do it! Complete and utter silence, 20 minutes, every day, sounds simple enough right? Good

Coming back to the point. This is why you must think for yourself [see point 13 of this post] and don’t let anyone do your thinking for you or act simply because “everyone’s doing it”, because when things start going sideways, “everyone” won’t be there to shoulder the responsibility for you. That’s the only problem with bandwagon mentality and listening to others tell you how to live your life. However, turning inward to the presence of God will nullify every seeming “difficulty”, for none actually exist in Reality

Besides, you’ll start living the life of fulfillment when you start living your life without looking at other peoples’ approval or disapproval of your life. Live [your life] and let [others] live [their lives]

Love + Judgement are two sides to a coin. If you’re doing something out of love, usually and in most cases it will be good judgement, however, most times, it’s not that obvious and lack of recognition of this unity between the two can lead to disastrous consequences. If you’re not sure, consult with the Judge [pun absolutely intended!] and she’ll automatically tell you if to proceed or not. If the Judge doesn’t approve of what Love is doing or about to do, back out. The Master, though he came to show us life by conquering death [which he did] there was a time, when the “crowds wanted to stone him to death”, but he “sneaked out of the crowd, because he’s time had yet not come”. Smart guy! He exercised good judgement at that point. When you have this understanding of combining your head [Judgement- represented by James amongst the Master’s disciples] and heart [Love – represented by John], you’ll always make good decisions and be a decision maker yogi master. Add Faith in there for good measure [Represented by Peter amongst the twelve] If you notice, the Master always frequently “went up” [in consciousness] with this three disciples [virtues] of Faith, Love and Judgement. Good stuff!

There’s nothing wrong with having fickle affection that will eventually fizzle out lol but call it what it is and don’t place and hinge your whole existence or lifelong happiness on it. Love is a state of inner and higher consciousness that has awakened the individual to heights that transcends sectional units and societal factions. You can’t have one standard of Love you show and give to your family members and another for strangers and another for your fellow church members or religious groups and another for your race … love transcends all these imaginary boundaries that man has setup in his limited consciousness.

Love far transcends your paltry affectional emotions that constantly swings from a high point one day to a low one the next day for that person. Love is anything, but unshakable. I always hear and read, “oh guys/husbands, don’t beat/hit your wives and wives respect your husbands bla bla bla” But this is like the biggest bullshit ever … You SHOULDN’T HIT ANYONE AT ALL! You SHOULD RESPECT EVERYONE whether they are dressed up in fancy royal robes or tattered clothing. In the sight of God, we are all the same. God is not a man … Love is not a family standard, but a universal standard. And when we’ve developed it in our consciousness, it’ll automatically be carried into every affairs of our lives.

If you have cultivated that Divine Love consciousness in your soul, seeing and treating all through the eyes of God, you will automatically transfer it to your family [and won’t hit your wive or have the wife constantly verbally abusing her husband], co-workers, church members, race AND there will be NO variance or discrimination in the Love you have for your spouse as the love you show the homeless stranger under the bridge. By virtue of the nature of your relationship to people, you may and will be closer to some people than others, but it doesn’t mean you should care less for others who are not in your imaginary circle or faction, all the while exercising good judgement [Don’t forget the Judge].  This is such a radical concept and ideology of Love, that some people will scoff at it and call it nonsense. The scoffers always end up being bigger believers and demonstrators than those they scoffed, just ask St Paul. It just means they haven’t developed or awakened that level of Divine Love consciousness that the Master had, when he said “who are my brothers/brethren and mother? You all are” … Your pledge is to God and to see humanity and your fellow man through the untaintable eyes of God’s Love and the unshakable rock of Truth. That’s Love.

So get yourself together, discover yourself, who you are, what you are and why you are  and you’ll be baffled! I know it’s time to end that relationship, when a girl tells me I am her everything, NO I Am NOT your everything, I will NEVER be your everything, even if i tried. God is your everything! May sound a bit harsh, but when she gets a slight taste of that inner Christ consciousness, she will really know who her everything is and learn to trust Him!

You’ll make yourself 100 times happier than some shady sloppy joe [or jessica] that you’re putting all your trust and faith in to give you happiness and a life of fulfilment. A mindset like that is setting you up for a life of mediocrity, at best. Even if that person does make you happier or “fulfil all your fantasy”, you’ve still not scratched the surface of the powers and limitless possibilities that reside within you. Just think about this, if you, yes you reading this, if you who know everything about yourself, your likes and dislikes, your pet peeves, your strength and your weaknesses, if you can’t make yourself happy, what makes you think that person you met posing on Instagram two weeks ago, will make you happy? People are too busy thinking about their own needs, blind ambitions and selfish desires to even think about fulfilling yours. If you happen to align with their goals and needs, they will take you along, if you don’t, or stop, you are just dead weight waiting to be cut loose. You will be setting yourself up for the greatest and grandest of disappointments when you hinge your happiness on ANYTHING or ANYONE other than yourself and the inner Christ self sleeping within you. I call it The Great and Grand Disappointment.

I don’t know if you know that famous classic Tracy Chapman’s song, “Fast car”. One line of the lyrics goes …”she [that is, mamma] left him [papa] because he couldn’t give her the life she wanted” … Anytime I hear this line of the song, I always go, why in the world would anybody, want somebody else to give them the life they want? It sounds like something a five year old would do. The people you’re relying on to give you the life you want, can’t even give themselves the life they want, what makes you think they can magically do it for themselves and for you in one go?  No one is responsible for you and nobody owes you anything. If you go are hinge your happiness on them and they let you down, don’t come crying back. Nobody owes you money, peace of mind, happiness, laughter, love etc You, yes you, and only you, owe yourself those things and all the good things of life. Yes, people might occasionally [and temporarily] offer you those things, when your interests meets and overlaps their interests, but the day those interests stop aligning, and they stop offering you those things [it never lasts], shouldn’t be the day your life becomes over because you’ve hinged all your happiness on them. Neither should it change your outlook, stance or situation in life. In fact, you should go on living your life unscathed. The sooner you start getting yourself acquainted with this Self-Reliant ideology and way of living, the better off you’ll be, the happier you’ll be, the more peace of mind you’ll have. With our flesh/carnal thinking, people rely too much on what they can see, but because they can’t see God or how He will do that thing or provide, they run to the next person they can see doing well “The name [Inner Christ Consciousness​ & Understanding] of the Lord is a mighty tower, the righteous [right-wise-ness or those who have this understanding] run to it and are saved” The righteous shall walk by Faith [understanding] and not by sight”

When the heightened effect wears off, you will say,  “That’s it?” Yes, that’s it! But when you put your trust in searching and discovering your higher self, in God, you’ll never get to that “That’s it” moment. Everyday will be a day of Discovery and unfoldment of something higher. For who can unfold everything about God? You’ll daily surprise yourself as your consciousness gradually and continuously expands till you attain so much clarity, you will start “seeing” for the first time in your life. Men won’t longer “look like walking trees”, no, neither will you. You will instantly be able to tell the true from the false, no matter how sugarcoated the false may appear. I can hear you say, well, if your inner christ self is there, shouldn’t you automatically live a life of success, happiness and laughter, why all the suffering? Well, that’s because, you haven’t recognized it and woken it up, until you do that, it’s still sleeping. Recognition will lead to awakening, which will lead to power, true power. Remember in the Sacred Book, when the twelve where on a boat and there was a great thunderous storm, but “Christ was asleep in the boat” … For the fact the Master was there with them, didn’t mean the storm didn’t occur, but once they “woke him up” he “calmed the storm”.

Don’t get it twisted, people barely change. The only true and lasting change, is the change that comes with Spiritual Understanding. Else, you’ll just be trading one version of yourself for another. Taking on various facade and mask to meet each occasion. They can and will put their not so admirable character on hold and present their best selves to you and your family, to fulfil your needs/desires for the time being, till the deal is done and then is back to business as usual. There’s no change in the Christ consciousness, and once you attain it, you’ll know who means you well and who just wants to take advantage of you or use you in whatever facade or mask they hide behind. The Spirit of Discernment will descend on you and you’ll be able to pierce through whatever false covering people want to hide behind to try and deceive you. You’ll be able to see people’s true intent. This is one of the gifts of Spiritual Understanding.

If you’ve already found all the happiness and joy and splendour and peace you need, within yourself, and your spouse to be, has done the same, and nobody is expecting their source of happiness to come from the other, then that is a happy and blissful union or life waiting to unfold. As the sacred book tells us “Iron sharpeneth Iron”. Yes indeed! And meeting each other will simply be a bonus [rather than a focus] to the happiness each have found in themselves. What is so paradoxical about discovering your inner self is, the more you uncover it, the less and less you will need anyone or look and put your focus on others to make you happy. You would have found sooo much Zen, inner happiness and inner peace, you wouldn’t even fathom or risk letting someone else disturb or steal that peace, not unless that person is operating at that same level of inner and higher consciousness as you are. Case closed!

10. Excellence and Workmanship DON’T exist in the Dictionary Here

Barely will you find someone [mostly blue collar professionals] here who take their work to heart and do it excellently well. Note, this is a worldwide problem, but waaay more rampant and prominent here among my fellow people. If you hire someone here, say to fix or install something,  get ready to call them to redo the job over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again till they get the job done WELL AND RIGHT. At which point, you would have ended up doing their jobs for them. People just want to do the jobs, get paid and move on with their lives, how the job turns out in the end, is really NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. [we hired a guy to install new locks on a door, and we had to call him back four more times! The other guy who installed a tv wall mount came back three more times! The DSTV agent, gave us false marketing, as a result, the version downstairs was on full plan and the tv upstairs didn’t get all the channels, we had to call him back twice!]

If you hired someone and they have that sense of excellence, keep them with your life, cos they’re a gem in a sea of mud. Even the woman selling recharge cards on the roadside can’t seem to be bothered lol She may as well paste a sign on her forehead, “not a care in the world given” to show that she couldn’t care less about the quality of service she renders to you or cares if you’ll recommend her to someone else. Short sighted thinking that can’t see past their nose, is a plague that has infected the country. And herein lies the problem with the country. For we know that the citizens are a perfect reflection of their leader[ship] and vice versa. Adam Smith [the father of modern economics] in his classic book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’, says that every country or group automatically gets the leader[ship] it deserves. Ouch! What does it mean? Means that from a band of thieves, a thief will be picked to run the band. Don’t be deceived, there’s no honour amongst thieves, even if they’re all friends. You won’t know a person is a thief, till they are placed in a position to steal. From a group of pirates, a pirate will lead. From a group of Genii, a genius will be picked. From a group of uneducated illiterates, an uneducated illiterate will be picked to run the group. From a nation of people were the average person has no sense of excellence, duty or workmanship, persons with no sense of excellence, duty or workmanship will be picked to rule them and chaos and confusion results and runs riot.

Don’t be deceived, water can’t and will never rise past it’s own level when flooded in any terrain. The leadership of a society as a whole, can’t rise past the average thinking mentality of its own citizens. Even if by chance an outlier, say a sheep, were picked from the crowd of wolves, that outlier, being completely surrounded by wolves will eventually be “brought down” to the level of the wolves or in a manner of speaking, be devoured by the wolf or be forced to leave. The only solution being to become a wolf or be cast out. Water always automatically finds its own level and it will flow from a high stream downwards. Electric voltage or charges will flow from a high potentiality to a low potentiality. I can hear some of you saying, are you implying everyone in the group is bad? Absolutely not, however, genuinely good and honest people don’t put themselves in situations that they know will compromise their goodness or honesty in the first place. So you find honest people sticking together and dishonest men flocking together.

Honest and genuine people love their peace of mind and honesty too much to even risk or let it be compromised, as a result you’ll never find honest men, habituating the same roof with dishonest men or dabbling with things that could lead them astray. Because once a door is left ajar, it takes just a little effort to make it wide open. Imply what you like from the previous paragraph. There are some games you just can’t play and keep your hands clean. lie lie! mm mm. Don’t kid yourself, if you jump into the ocean, YOU WILL GET WET! and probably have to fight with sharks too. It is what it is.  You can’t go walking in the desert and not expect sand in your shoes, nostrils, eyes and ears.

So yet again, we’re back to were we started, you’ll never find a sheep dwelling in the midst of wolves. Or honest men mingling with dishonest men. Honest men roll with other honest men [or simply stay on their own. Perhaps, it’s why they say, creative honest people or genii live in a world of their own]. Show me your associates and friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Show me a man’s book collections and I’ll write you his destiny. Show me a woman’s wardrobe and friends and I’ll write you her life story. People are constantly associating themselves with those who are just like them or telling others who they are, consciously or otherwise.  If you can’t decipher a man’s character, try deciphering that of his closest associates and closest friends. Birds of the same feather will not only flock together, they’ll plan their deeds and movement together and execute it together. Hunters go hunting together. Mountain climbers go doing their crazy shit on the mountain together. Fishermen fish together. You’ll never find a hunter, chillin on the boat with his hunting rifle with a fisherman or vice versa. When certain countries continue to produce certain leaders with questionable characters and with zero integrity, year after year after year and year after year after year, check the citizens. As above so below. As with the masses, so with the leaders. The macrocosm is perfectly reflected in the microcosm.

11. There’re more churches [than workplaces and Industries]

This is a verifiable fact, the country has the highest amount of churches than any other. There’s literally at least a dozen or more churches a few km stretch of road or square meter and every street has more than its fair share keeping you awake at night to the sound of sounding brass and beating drums, all in the name of “all night service”. I hear you loud and clear! But can I get my 8 hour sleep please without interference? Thank you! Also, more priests in seminaries than any other nation on the planet. Do what you like and make your own assessments, analysis and conclusions in your mind with these fact and information as you please, as you really wouldn’t want to hear mine.

12. Most People Package Themselves Falsely –

“PACKAGING” or faking it till you make it, runs, rules [and ruins] the mentality of Nigerians, both at home and overseas. This one transcends the borders of the country and pervades the mentality of [most] Nigerians everywhere. This one is a common denominator to both those living in-house and those living overseas. All looks and little or no content. Fluff, as I like to call it!

The very ironic thing about achievements, is that, it usually speaks for itself. Achievements and a good name, like an angel will “go before you” and give you credit [or discredit, if you have a bad name] long before you even step foot or show up in any gathering. Don’t get it twisted, EVERYONE knows your gist AND they KNOW just who you are. Even the gateman knows your matter lol. Yes, the mallam selling suya down your street, knows your gist and character. People talk and they will pretend they have no clue what’s going on with you or your list and history of deviances, until the day they want to do business with you and then, they will give you your WHOLE life story. Good news, good character and good workmanship travels faster than the speed of thought. Don’t kid yourself EVERYONE knows what to expect from you. You can’t run away from who you are. The Master told his disciples that “everything done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops” Yes, Master!

The great American Philosopher and Transcendentalist of the 19th century [my very good friend] Emerson, said “there’s a central idea around which everyone lives their lives”. Yes, philosopher Emerson! This central idea or principle that you’ve given yourself, it’s akin to the sun of the solar system that you call your life, to which your every action and dealings, automatically and constantly revolves and it speaks volumes without words and can’t be hidden. Like my Chinese philosopher and friend, Confucius, once rhetorically asked more than 2500 years ago, “How can a man conceal himself?” or his character. He can’t, sensei Confucius, he can’t!  Truth is Truth, it doesn’t matter who is saying it. This your “Mental Atmosphere” that you carry around with you, everywhere you go, like one of my mentors once told me, “is the open book of our lives, out of which everyone constantly reads from, whether we realize it or not”. And you don’t have to speak, in order for others to feel it. If you think this is not true, I’ll give you a quick example and mental exercise to illustrate the power of people’s mental atmosphere, here are a list of words and you’ll realize that different people’s faces instantly flash in your minds and are associated with these words:

Dishonest. Hard working. Honest. Wise. Materialistic. Judgemental & Critical. Extroverted. Kind & Compassionate. Loud & Ostentatious. Womanizer. Alcoholic. Quiet. Lies a lot. Big Spender. Cunning. Lazy. Heartless. Spiritual. Introverted. Industrious. Humble. Glutton. Exercise and Health Conscious. Digital Savvy. Deceitful. Intelligent. Careless. Cautious in everything they do. Patient. Religious. Complainer. Corrupt.

Perhaps you even saw your own face in some of them lol This is a powerful exercise. The faces that appear along with these words are what Philosophers call that person’s mental atmosphere. Everyone has one and carries it with them everywhere they go without even knowing. You see people with nicknames, both good and bad  given to them in secondary school years ago based on their character, and still associated with that person [or persons] decades later, because that’s who they are. If you read my first post on this blog, I mentioned somewhere in it that my classmates called me a philosopher in secondary school [they had many, “the wisest”, metusellah etc] looooooong before I even started reading anything on philosophy or even considered myself wise. My classmates saw my and read my mental atmosphere long before I even realized it in myself. Amazing!

There’s a saying “what you are speaks so loudly, I can’t even hear what you’re saying” People may not be able to pick out specifically what’s wrong with a dishonest man posing as a genuine person, all they’ll say is, “something just isn’t right” or “my spirit just doesn’t agree with that guy” … “he’s kinda shady” and people run away from you for no seeming reason. They avoid you like body odour. I’ll give you an example, I went to a particular Church one day [mind you, I’m not like a church goer like that or anything, once in a while i’ll drop in] and this guy got up to give a testimony and the way he was dressed, before he even opened his mouth to speak, in my spirit, I just went, without EVEN THINKING TWICE “this guy looks and feels like a weed smoker [or what my yankee folks colloquially call ‘pot head’] …I am not even kidding you, Lo and behold, he started speaking and gave his testimony that he used to be a drug dealer and heavy marijuana smoker [told you. The Spirit of Discernment is a very real gift] and now he’s turned his life around for the better bla bla bla. What was so strange about his testimony was, all the time when he was speaking, my spirit kept on telling me that this guy is still as shady as he used to be and hasn’t changed a bit and is here to advertise his drug dealing business to those who are interested in patronizing him. Weird! So much drama in church! That’s one of the reasons I don’t go! lol I can’t stand bad theatre lol

I am not sure if he had indeed changed for the better, but if my spirit was right to tell me this guy was a pothead and weed smoker even before he opened his mouth to speak, then my spirit is right to tell me he hasn’t changed for the better and is still as shady as ever. I’ll leave it at that.

One of my mentors once told me, “Everyone can sense, some are just sharper at sensing and some others dull at sensing” Most women are high at sensing and reading this mental atmosphere [with their “sixth sense”] Again, where most people’s shady nature will be deciphered before they open their mouths to speak, whereas, some others, even before they open their mouths to speak, everyone’s already in love with them and trusts them. There’s no packaging or covering up who they are, even if they tried, their light always shines through effortlessly. The saying, a goldfish has no hiding place, is a Truth far deeper than it sounds. The corollary and In the same manner, a rotten fish [or rotten tomatoes lol] has no hiding place too. Shit will smell through a baby’s diapers, no matter how many pampers you use to attempt to pamper it up! The corollary is just as true. People will pretend they don’t know what’s going on with you or know who you truly are and let you live in your own fool’s paradise of delusion. They know. If they are asking you, they are just asking to see if you’ll be truthful or not. They already know the answer. Even people in Canada know your matter lol That person that you have on your facebook contact that seems like they live in alaska and don’t know what’s going on, they know. Even your grandmother in the village that doesn’t have a teckno phone lol or access to the internet, she knows what’s going on with you and she knows your personality. Yes, a good [or bad] reputation knows no boundaries. I had an ex message me previously, I haven’t spoken to this girl in almost a year, we had a very peaceful and amicable breakup [like all my breakups lol] I don’t talk to her on any social media [as I have none. no fb, 18 followers on twitter which i use like once in three years, in fact, I am the guy who doesn’t want to know what’s going on with anyone and I live a very quite and secluded life] but somehow word got to me that she’s pregnant and she’s not married. She coincidentally messaged me a week after this news, thinking I didn’t know anything about her since the 8 months since we last spoke, but she doesn’t know someone else has already downloaded her report and updated me on her matter. Me, that I don’t even talk to anybody or watch Nigerian news lol or do facebook, instagram, somehow this news still managed to reach me. Is it now all your friends that are constantly on instagram or fb that don’t know your matter? They know!

Don’t kid yourself, once that thing happens in your life, even the Nigerians living in Alaska, they know your matter. That thing that you did, that you thought remained between you and that person, not only does the whole University know or all your church members know, their children’s teachers in kindergarten too, know. Your gateman he knows, your neighbours that you don’t greet in the morning lol they too, they know. Your father or your mother that you haven’t called in six months, lol he too, he knows. Sometimes no one even have to tell them, they’ll just sense it and tell you [This one has happened to me several times. Knowing people’s matter just from sensing it] Or if you’re in business and you normally bill $1,000 for that job, but then somehow because you thought that other client had more money [cos they are in Canada lol], you gave them a quote of “$5,000”, you think they won’t know? In fact, they knew before they even called you and will immediately know that you’re trying to hustle them and you’ll never hear back from them again. They will tell you “I will get back to you and let you know”. Now you wonder why you’re always losing business and clients and always “almost seem to close” that deal lol

I’ll give you another example, I was buying orange [I know, suffer head bachelor life lol] from the aboki guy just outside my estate and I asked him, “how much for your orange?”, he was like “two for fifty naira, i was like okay, give me four” which would be hundred naira right? The Aboki man put five oranges in the cellophane. Instantly in my mind I was like, should I tell this guy that he mistakingly put one more orange or should I just act like I don’t know and take it and run? He knew I was aware he put five, cos he counted it out loud! In my carnal mind I was like, does this guy know? I mean it’s just one orange, no harm no foul right? [FYI:The carnal mind is always the first to speak and it speaks the loudest] But of course, my Christ mind, the “still gentle voice” of Truth in my soul said, “even if he doesn’t know what you did, you will know that you stole from him” and I instantly told him, ‘aboki, nah five orange you put oh’, He raised he’s head with a sheepish smile, paused and looked me straight in the eye and said … I know! :0 OMG! He was testing my integrity! Do you think tomorrow, if he hears some rumour that I was involved in some shady deal and duped some people in some 419 scam, that he will believe the story? He will say, I know that guy, personally and he can’t do something like that. Whereas, some other people, once they call “scam” lol ah immediately you’ll say “yup, sounds like xyz” lol

But the good news is, it works the other way round too, everybody knows a good man’s name, an honest’ man’s reputation. when a dishonest man starts being honest with the people that surrounds his life, the world “senses something different” about him, a genuine change and they in turn automatically treat him accordingly.

You can’t run away from who you are. Even when others try to cook up and spread false accusations and rumours about a genuinely honest person, it won’t “hold water” or get very far in people’s minds, because there’s no negative current feeding that rumour. There’s a saying, “Your sins will find you out”, which is a very different saying from “your sins will be found out”. That is, your acts and who you are will always be associated with you, come rain, sunshine or winter. It’s like when a group of suspects are lined up and a victim is told to identify their perpetrator from behind a tinted glass door, that victim will pick out the perpetrator without blinking or thinking twice. The same way, your acts, your achievements, your good name [or bad] will CONSTANTLY FIND YOU OUT and be associated with you! So don’t toot your horn.

Another Ironic thing about achievements [and success] is that, people love to be associated with successful people and achievers, as a result, achievers automatically have other people tooting their horns for them. Because humans like to have that sense of achievement by claiming “association” with achievers and winners to make themselves feel like winners and achievers. Ironic huh! Raise your hand, and tell me how many people you have met [including the guy selling pure water on your street], who claimed they are somehow related or know that Billionaire, that president, that senator,  or that achiever?

Great men and women never write their own biographies, they don’t have to, they’ve already embodied and daily live the Truths which they preached to others, and as a result, others write their biographies for them. Understand that The Master [as well as many other Spiritual leaders of bygone era] never WROTE down one word during his earthly life. But two thousand years later, we’re still writing and talking and discussing about his mission and great works. In fact, he told his disciples that the very words he spoke were “Spirit and Life” and that even though, “heaven and earth will [or should] pass away” his words would never, they were eternal.

The great Greek Philosopher, Plotinus after achieving full conscious inner awakening, was plagued and begged by his disciples and students for them to document his thought process for posterity and future generations. Saint Joan of Arc aka ‘The Maid of Orleans’ the great French Mystic, who by the time she was a teenager, had already conquered the British and driven them out of her home country of France, was once asked by the magistrate court, [just prior to leading the French troops into war and revealing the vision and voices she saw and heard directly from God] “If God has ordained and it is pre-destined that the English should indeed be removed from France, why does He need us to go to war and fight, why can’t He just do it on his own” to which she replied “Men must do the fighting, but God will give us the victory”. She didn’t write that down five hundred years ago, but here we are.

So don’t toot your horn, don’t worry if no one recognizes your achievement or diligent work. Or better, if someone or your Oga or boss took or constantly takes FULL credit for your excellent work, sweat, tears and blood. There’s a saying, “people always come back to the Source“. Let them take the credit, when they get to the top, they will have to carry you along with em, because they really know who’s doing all the real work. If they don’t take you along with them, they won’t stay there very long, as ” … you can’t get figs from thistles, a fig tree can’t grow Olives, neither can you get fresh water from a salt spring …” That’s not me speaking, that’s St James and Mathew

It won’t be very long before people realize who the packager is and who the actual work deliverer is. Even if they get to the top with your sweat or off your back and don’t take you along, don’t let that detract or discourage you my good friend, for Good [and doing good work] is its own reward and doing evil [or bad work] is its own punishment and damnation. We don’t do good [or do good work] because we’re seeking wordly reward or a pat on the shoulder from so called “superiors” or to bask in the lavish praises, compliments and glory of men, but we do good, because the very act itself, is a reward the selfish ridden man in his limited mentality can never and will never grasp. So let them take credit, let them toot their own horns off your sweat. The hands of justice never fail and the Universe is Just and every wrong will be righted.

Remember that true acts of love aren’t self seeking, its own good comes to it effortlessly. Yes it does! If you are doing “good” or being “kind” because you are secretly wanting good from that person in return or looking for worldly praise/compliments or hoping that God somewhere will reward you for the good manner-for-manner, like-for-like, you’ve sadly missed the point of just what love, kindness and compassion is. The act in itself is [and should be] enough reward. Who cares if they bite your hand or the hand that fed them afterwards? What happens after the act of good is done, or if the person appreciated it or not is really and should be no concern of yours. The Master healed ten lepers and only one came back in gratitude and he said “Weren’t ten healed, where are the other nine?” A lot of people completely miss the point of this passage by the master. Yes, on the surface he was telling us gratitude is good and opens the gateway of more blessings, but on looking deeper, in this passage he was showing us something deeper. He was basically telling us that we shouldn’t help or do good based on the person’s sentiments towards us after the good deed is done. He didn’t need their appreciation, as being the Master, he knew their unappreciative hearts long before he healed them. He knew they wouldn’t appreciate him before he healed them, but he did it anyways. Remember, he told the woman at the well her life story [He completely sensed and read her mental atmosphere and inner psyche]. So he knew and sensed their ungrateful hearts long before he healed them. But he healed them anyways. That’s what love is. Love loves anyways, in spite of the other’s seeming shortcomings.

How many times have we helped someone and they were very ungrateful or didn’t reciprocate the favour afterwards and we said or vowed never to help them again? Sadly, I myself I’ve been guilty of this in the distant past. But thank God for awakening. Would we help/love them if we knew they would bite our hands afterwards? This is conditional love and it has no place in the new and inner awakened state of the Christ consciousness. For we see all sorts of conditions attached to love in the world today. I will only love and accept you if you are: Christian [or a member of my xyz religion, denomination, caste or group], In my ethnicity, my race, straight, gay, fat, skinny, educated, rich, connected, outgoing, extroverted, introverted, fair, light skinned, geographic location, political affiliation, from a rich class, from my village lol [Insert xyz condition here] you name it. This is the way of the world, though we are in it, our consciousness, has transcended it and we are not of it. For true unconditional Love runs like molten gold lava in a furnace, it has no business or affinity with the baser metals and so called conditions, for Love itself is the only condition and standard Love needs and it cares for nothing or anything less than itself. It is indeed and truly, the Golden and Universal Standard.

We will never attain our Divine destiny collectively as a human race, or attain and enter into our Divine heritage individually, until we put down all these false and imaginary walls that have us chained to the limited sense and “loving” conditionally. He asked the woman accused of adultery,  “where are your accusers? … neither have I judged you” Note, he didn’t endorse her behaviour either and pat her on the back, neither did he judge her. A lot of people, ignorantly believe that by not judging someone, they are indirectly endorsing and supporting or enabling that behaviour. You can disagree with someone or their beliefs and lifestyle, without being disagreeable. Just pause and think about that last statement for a bit. Tolerance and judgement/criticism are exclusive, not inclusive. Again, pause and reflect on that statement for a second or two. You can love someone without supporting their so called “shortcomings”. You see past their shortcomings as God sees them, perfect! This is the definition of tolerance and acceptance in it purest form, and it only comes to the awakened few…The adulterous woman was a perfect example of the Master showing us tolerance and acceptance.

I mentioned earlier that “people always come back to the source” Well, the same is true of our emotional states towards others. Whatever emotions we send off, comes back. If we judge others, we are judging ourselves. If we bless/curse others, we are blessing/cursing ourselves. The prison guard chained to the prisoner is just in the same bondage as his captive. Isaiah said “my word shall go forth and accomplish the purpose for which it was sent, it shall not COME BACK to me void” the key word/phrase here being “come back”. The master knew this, pronouncing judgement and condemnation on the woman, would have inherently led to his judgement. That’s what he meant when He told us “we would be held accountable for every spoken word”.

So don’t judge people, love em! Arm and radicalize your mind with love, tolerance and acceptance, rather than picking up stones waiting to persecute that person that doesn’t seem to be living up to your definition of good or your high sense of self righteousness. Mother Theresa once said, “we won’t have time to judge people, if we would only love them” And rightly so. Besides, you don’t know what emotional, mental, financial or social seeming difficulties that person may be going through, until they turn inward to the Presence of God, that inner Reality and nullify that seeming “difficulty”, for in actuality and Reality, there’re none. That person already knows their own faults or seeming shortcomings and they live with it everyday, they don’t need you reminding them of it! That guy who isn’t employed, already knows he has to get a job, and deals with it everyday, they don’t need you reminding them that they are unemployed. The guy/girl who is struggling with food or being overweight, already has to live with that so called seeming difficulty or shortcoming, don’t open your mouth and judge them or tell them to go and lose weight. The girl who’s struggling to get a husband to get married, don’t tell her “all your mates are married, go get married” … she already knows she has to find a man and she’s working on finding a man, so don’t harass her. Let people be. Live and let live. Live your life and let others live theirs in peace. We really don’t know how far our words go or influences someone’s life for good or for bad. Those little words we say in passing, that we don’t know cut deep like a knife! Be careful what you tell people and how you make them feel.

God forgive me O for everyone who I’ve judged, knowingly or unknowingly! Amen!

Coming back to condemnation, ever notice how people that constantly criticize and condemn have drawn other critiques and condemners into their own lives? Or people who condemn wealthy people that their money is “dirty” never seem to leave or escape the clutches of poverty? or that girl [or guy] who constantly condemns guys as cheaters, liars and abusers, continue to remain single or draw more cheaters, liars and abusers into their consciousness? Remember, you shouldn’t criticize and condemn in another, that which you are praying and asking God for in yourself. Pause for a second and reflect on that last statement, then write it down on that notepad i told you about in the beginning. You keep praying for a husband [or a wife] but yet, you keep condemning men [or women] secretly in your heart. “oh men [or women] are all the same cheaters and scumbags and liars and all they want to do is sleep with me and dump me bla bla bla… or men are wicked and heartless and evil bla bla bla”. Please tell me, if “all men are pigs and evil”, why are you still praying to have one? If something or someone is evil and bad for you, we usually reject it from our lives right? Right? Right?! We bless that which we want in our lives, we never condemn it and we reject, rebuke and condemn that which we do not want. The Master told us that “whatever we bound [affirm] in heaven [in consciousness] would be bound on earth [in our condition and surrounding] and whatever we loosened [denied] in heaven would be loosened on earth”

Because according to the Law of returns, we are blessing, judging and condemnimg ourselves. These  are eternal and universal principles that work according to the laws of nature and with mathematical accuracy and certitude. You think this is a joke, try this for a week, if you are a single woman or man and you are looking for a spouse, try praising and blessing the opposite sex for once in your life, will you?. Instead of saying “all men are pigs” [ haha my favourite!] say all men are awesome and bring blessings to my life. Simple as that. You can’t both be praying and fasting for a spouse, yet you are condemning that thing. The universe refuses to be put asunder. “A house divided against itself will not stand” You can’t both be fasting and praying and affirming words of life for a spouse, but yet, you keep condemning that potential spouse and spewing hate all over social media and on various blogs about how “wicked men or women are”.

Or even can’t be happy for your friend who’s about to get married, because you feel that “she doesn’t deserve that man” “or that guy doesn’t deserve that woman” or that “guy is too good for that girl”And who made you the lord and judge of their lives? or made you the disher of what they deserve or not? Your toxic jealous nature is driving your potential spouse away from you. You keep going on dates, but they never call you back lol. You keep shouting in church and you even became a “server” in church, you joined the choir too and you’re singing your voice away, but no spouse, no ring, no engagement. Another Valentine’s day alone, eya. You keep changing your hair [or looks. same for men too] from Brazilian to Indian to Peruvian to Chinese and watching all these youtube clips about makeup style, yet men just run away from you! The real things in life are never on the outside or on the surface or superficial, but dwell deep in the inside. Still waters run deep my friend. Remember that mental atmosphere I talked about? Yup, you’re jealous about other people’s success or secretly hate or condemn men [or women, if you’re a man], thus people sense it and run very far from you. They don’t know what’s wrong with you, you look fine, you’re hot and all, you even have class and high taste, but they just say in their minds “Hm, something just isn’t right, she’s not wife [or husband] material”ouch!

You can’t be praying for success, but deep down you are jealous that your co-worker just bought a range rover haha! And you don’t “know how he got the money to buy it” because you “know how much he/she makes” lol The Universe doesn’t work that way my friend. The sooner you start being genuinely happy for the successful people around your life, regardless of how you think they attained their success or even deserve it, the better off you will be. If you condemn that thing in another [Wealth, Spouse etc] you drive it very far away from you. Just remember that the next time you want to say that Billionaire’s money isn’t clean hehe!

Or maybe you are a pastor or “man of God” and your church congregation just isn’t getting any larger, in fact, it’s shrinking, maybe you should stop being jealous of that other pastor “who just got here” and he already has ten times the size of your church members. But then again, if you’re starting a church just to get and accumulate church members, like Instagram followers, then you’ve clearly missed the point of the ministry. The sharing of the good news, every sunday, regardless of how much congregation or people show up to fill the seats of your congregation, should be a good enough reward all on its own. If do it in this Spirit, without being jealous or in a competitive mindset with the other churches, as if running a church is a business, then your church will grow on its own, by the natural law of the universe. You, yes, you are the only one holding yourself back and your own greatest enemy, because you are seeking your own glory.

At the beginning of this blog, i mentioned that this blog has no followers or subscribers, I write not for likes, but because the free writing itself is all the reward I need. If you do everything from this standpoint, you will save yourself a load of burden and save yourself a lot of stress from constantly looking and wanting what others have. The greek philosopher, military general and centurion, Marcus Aurelius, wrote down a bunch of “meditations” just for himself and for his eyes only, to enable him live a better and more spiritual life, but more than 2500 years later, those “private meditations” are still being read by philosophers and seekers the world over, in what has now now become  his famous classic “The meditations of Marcus Aurelius”. That’s the power of Truth.

Or if you are used to condemning, hating or being jealous about the wealth of the rich, because you think their “money is stolen or dirty”, you better stop, as you are constantly driving money away from yourself. Now you know why you don’t have. It might not be the main/only reason you don’t have money, but if you’re in this hateful mindset towards the rich, then you’ve found you solution to your poverty in the pages of this blog. How they got their money really is no concern of yours, that’s between them and their maker, and if the money is in fact stolen or dirty, the universe will take care of it in the right time. Remember, “God cannot be mocked”. The minute an action is set off in the universe, an “equal an opposite reaction” is setup somewhere else to keep the Universe in perfect harmony, balance and order. The Universe is just and every wrong or action, is equilibriumed and righted, else the universe wouldn’t be a cosmos, it would be in a chaotic disarray!

Just to conclude the topic of doing good work, there’s a very ancient saying, ‘that when the student is ready, the master will appear’. Continue doing good work, when you’re ready to “evolve” and grow past your present situation to handle bigger and better opportunities, the occasion will arise and NOT even your boss or oga at the top will be able to stop it. And in all things, keep your hands clean, nothing beats going to bed after a hard days work, than a clean conscience, zero skeletons in your closet and being at peace with ALL men and wishing them good, even those who have wronged you.

13. Bandwagon mentality Rules the Day

People the world over are looking for leaders, pioneers and distinct individuals who can take initiatives and think for themselves and make decisions in spite of what everyone else thinks or is doing. This mentality alone differentiates the achievers, winners, successful people in every work of life, from the average mediocre thinking masses who are ruled by the dogma of the day or by their neighbours opinion. And in all my days, I haven’t seen or met a set of people who unfortunately can’t think for themselves and who get on every new trend, bandwagon be they social, economic, political and financial rave like my fellow Nigerians.

Obviously, not everyone is in this category, like all the other points in this writing. However, if you sample or randomly pick a group of people from the appropriate demographic [Male or female] you’ll see the points sadly apply to most. The man who can’t think for himself or make a decision, is always at the mercy of the last person he just spoke with or gave him “advice”, constantly swaying from pillar to post. Henry Ford once said, “he made decisions swiftly, but barely changed them or changed them very slowly” In spite of what everyone else or the naysayers thought of the idea of him casting the whole engine in one block or the use of conveyor belt in car assembly lines or even the very “ugly” T mobile ford vehicle, he stuck by his guns and the rest really is history. When you make a decision you believe or feel is right for yourself or your future, have a spine of steel and stick to it to the very end, regardless of the seeming difficulties or resistance that may come against you. Changing that plan just because you are the only one that can make sense of that plan and your friends and family members can’t seem to get it, would be the gravest error on your part. No offence to them, but God doesn’t hand over the plans and visions to make your life better to anyone else, but yourself. God is neither a God of confusion, nor does he do things by proxy through a third party.

At first, or in the beginning, it may look like the plan or the decision you made has no legs, it always does at the beginning, but in the end, “Wisdom is always justified in her children” and “What the wise man or visionary, can see sitting down, others can’t see standing up”. Note, I say “wise man” not “old man”, as you can be old or an adult, and be a drunk foolish and ignorant person lacking even worldly wisdom, let alone Divine Wisdom. As old age and Divine wisdom are two and very mutually exclusive things. In fact, the older we get, the more worldly, decadent and selfish our ways become and we do and act from this myopic, worldly and selfish standpoint, which clouds all our judgement and continue to dull and prevent the Christ Superman in us from shinning through. Which isn’t really wisdom, in it’s truest essence. Age does play a role, but worldly wisdom is as good as it goes and can only take you so far in life, before you need to discard it and upgrade to that Divine wisdom and Christ consciousness. This. Emerson triumphantly stated as “hitching your wagon to a star”. Indeed, as there are no faults in our stars. Shakespeare said [and this is by far my favourite quote, seeing that I’ve read quite the handful, it says a lot]

“Men are sometimes masters of their fate,

the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

but in ourselves, that we are underlings”
We were told that “David was just a shepherd boy, when the Lord called [revealed himself to] him” … Joan of Arc was only thirteen years of age when God gave her the mission and vision to liberate the people of France, which she did before she was 17. Mind you, all the so called “older” people, thought she was crazy. We were told that the Master being a “young 12 year old boy” in the synagogue spoke with such understanding that “all the elders marvelled” at his level of understanding.

The Master thanked the Father and said “Ye haven’t revealed these mysteries [what mysteries? Something is hidden. Something needs to be revealed] to the wise and the learned”  but told his disciples, that the Father “had revealed the mysteries to those of little children [the meek and the humble of heart]” …  I am quite tired of hearing, “oh that person is xyz older than you, so listen to them” lol I hear you!

I was in a restaurant one day and I heard a little boy, not more than ten years of age, make a statement casually to all the adults that were seated around his table, and they all laughed in jest at him, but what the boy said, didn’t come from his normal reasoning mind and was sooo powerful, I knew it came from a place deeper than his own will. But all the adults laughed. I laughed at them for laughing at him lol

Back to the bandwagon. People get on the bandwagon, just for the sake of getting on the bandwagon and because “everyone’s doing it”.

Most things on this list, you’ll realize fall into this category. Don’t get it twisted, I am not saying or implying that just because everyone’s doing something, means it’s wrong or shouldn’t be done, nah, what I mean is, think for yourself and make sure that you’re doing what you’re doing because you want to do it, not just simply because everyone else is doing it. There’s a huge difference and if you can’t tell the difference, I know which category you fall into. If you do what everyone else does, just simply because everyone else is doing it, chances are you’ll end up living a life of mediocrity just like most people do. Don’t get it twisted, you can be living a life of success, yet still living in and have that life riddled and plagued with mediocrity. Pause for a moment and reflect on that last sentence. All truly great men are successful men, but not all successful men are great or live great lives. Again, pause and reflect on what you just read.

Success will forever be under the umbrella or in the shadows of true greatness. Greatness transcends your short sighted level of material and financial accumulation. In fact, if your definition of greatness hinges on the size of your level of materiality or bank account, you’ve sadly fallen short of the mark and missed the whole point of just what greatness is. A very successful man named Nicodemus met the Master and asked him what he needed to do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven [the inner awakened state of Christ consciousness] in other words, he was asking the master what he needed to do to be truly great, and the master told him to keep the commandments, to which he replied he had done those things and the Master told him to sell all his belongings, take up his cross and follow him, to which Nicodemus walked away for “he was a man of great wealth”. You can write volumes and volumes about this passage and the ramifications of the conversation between the Master and Nicodemus. But If this passage proves anything, it proves that greatness is anything but the accumulation of wealth.

However, it doesn’t mean that being rich is bad and being poor is good, after all, the poor man can’t get into that inner Christ kingdom of Heaven Consciousness any faster than the rich man. The poor man looking at his current situation and lot, wants to trade places with the rich man, but unknown to him that the rich man [like Nicodemus] who doesn’t have this inner Christ Kingdom of Heaven Consciousness, wants to trade places with the poor man. This is the mystic meaning of the parable when The Master said, “The Rich man asked the poor man to put his hand in water and place a drop in his mouth to quench his thirst in Hell”. The Rich man with all his wealth [and the poor man, with his lack of wealth], without any inner awakened Christ life, both the rich man and the poor man continue to have a void to fill and mistakingly feel trading places will solve their problems. This is the sacred and mystic meaning of that parable, that very very very few people understand. And most people ignorantly quote the Master saying “deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me” to support that God doesn’t want us to enjoy all the good of life. God absolutely wants us to enjoy all the good of life, but we must not only acknowledge Him as the Source, but also know that He is The Source! God is the giver of every good and perfect gift AND the substance behind the gift itself! .

The Master was telling us to “deny” our flesh/carnal mind consciousness, that has us living in seclusion from our Unity with God. This is what Saint Paul calls the renewing of our minds, by saying “putting on the armour of God” … or “putting on the Christ body [or consciousness]. God absolutely wants all of us to be rich and abundant, but we must not do so to the detriment of the evolution of our Souls or to the detriment of our understanding of our unity with God. Afterall, “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his Soul [or not develop that Christ Consciousness or Unity with God, the Whole]

Once we do that, we’ll be a living testament to the the proverbs saying that “The blessings of God maketh rich and doesn’t add any sorrow to it”, because we’re going about it the right way.

But the rich man [who doesn’t have any inner Christ Consciousness], ignorantly mistakes the fleeting pleasures and comforts his wealth brings him, for the eternal good that the Inner Christ life will bring him and he continues to hoard his wealth or be attached selfishly to his wealth [not knowing that the Source is Unlimited and never runs dry] Remember Elijah kept on pouring oil into the Widow’s jar, till she had no more jars left to be filled. This means that if she could go get all the jars in town, the oil would have kept on pouring. Afterall, “all good and perfect gifts, come from above, coming down from the father of lights”

But when the poor man gets this inner Kingdom of Heaven Christ consciousness and understanding, he can’t help but get rich. For Solomon was rich and arrayed in all the glory of the lord. This is why we’re told to “seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all other things shall be added onto you”. This Kingdom of Heaven is not in some far off place somewhere in the sky, but the Master told us that “the Kingdom of Heaven was within us”. The Christ consciousness is an inner state of mind, where we recognise our blessed Unity with God 🙂

Don’t be deceived or misled that greatness implies achieving or doing some gargantuan task or having some fancy title either. “Let him that would be the greatest be the least among you”. Have you ever seen the little ant carrying that parch of leaf or grain of sand industriously and with true grit? or when they all march moving little grains of sand from one colony to another? They are not really doing anything extraordinary, but they do it so extraordinarily well that you can’t help but baffle at their level of industrious dexterity, towards carrying a grain of sand from one point to another. That is true greatness!

Greatness is not the nature of the work you do [as all work really is noble] but the inherit nature of the way you do the work you do. When you have this Inner Christ Consciousness awakened within you, all of a sudden, all work truly becomes noble and everything you do from this standpoint and understanding, takes on greatness. This is what Nicodemus Lacked and wanted, but was too myopic to let go of his wealth to fully get it, because in Nicodemus’s case, his wealth was the one particular thing holding him back from attaining this inner Christ Consciousness. Again this is why the sacred book tells us that “if your right eye causes or prevents you from getting into the inner Christ kingdom of Heaven, pluck it out” In Nicodemus case, it was his wealth. For some people it could be their relationships or associates, a bad habit etc. Nothing can get in the way of our recognition of Truth and in renewing our Minds daily. Again, pause and reflect on that last paragraph. These words and hidden meaning of scriptures you’re reading are coming straight from God, so don’t take it lightly. You needed it and now you’re reading it.

This is why Martin Luther King said that “let a man sweep the street so well that [during his eulogy] men will say, here lived the greatest street sweeper that ever lived” And success WILL ALWAYS be guaranteed when you do anything from this standpoint. This is why the Sacred book said, “Show me a man diligent in his work, he shall not [only] stand [favoured] before ordinary men, but shall stand [favoured] before kings and Queens”. Indeed, as with a mindset like this, you automatically stop wanting or “eyeing” or being “covetous” of what others have and will be great and shinning in the very work you do, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant that job may appear to be.

Having your little ego & personality stroked constantly by the masses or a closed circle of acquaintance in order to maintain your sense of relevance or importance in the world or affairs of men, because of a particular achievement, is not greatness either. Time always sanctifies the great man in whichever field he finds himself. “A martyr cannot be dishonoured”, as the very act of persecution itself, turns around and liberates the martyr with time. This is not just the religious martyrs that have been burned at the stake for their proclamation of Truth, but martyrdom spans every work of life. People thought the earth was flat and that men would “fall off” once they reached the edge, until the Portuguese Explorer, Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the earth and came back to his starting point. Galileo Galilei, copernicus, Johannes Kepler etc you name it, all thinking for themselves, said the world was round, but the masses said they were crazy. Marconi, when he proposed that man could send signals through the ether or “air” via wireless means, the masses said he should be put in a mental institution, but decades later, here we are. Same with the wright brothers with airplanes, but here we are. Cyrus Field, the man who first proposed that, he could join continents for improved Telecommunication, by laying cables on the ocean floor across the Atlantic ocean, sounded crazy, it still sounds crazy! lol mind you, this was in 1854! A time when man was still using relatively crude technology, you can imagine how crazy the people of his day thought he was. Even today transatlantic cables still sounds crazy! I still can’t believe how they do it. Robert Fulton, the guy developed the first commercially successful steamboat, actually, on the day he was to make his demonstration, everyone gathered by the banks of the river, not to cheer him, but to watch him fail, literally! Days before the event, word was put out on the newspaper that they should all gather and watch this crazy man make a fool of himself [talk about haters!] in using steam engine to propel a giant boat up the river. But to the crowd’s astonishment, he made them eat their words.

Do you get my drift with these illustrations? Or do you want me to keep drifting? lol Yes, you might not want to invent the next steamboat lol, but guess what, your life is akin to the steamboat and you’re the captain. Your life is a wagon and you’ll decide what you’re going to “hitch” it to, the mass worldly ways of thinking or to the Rock of Truth.  Your life is a blank page and you’re the one who’s going to write in it. There’s something called, “Principle over precedent”. That is, the use and potential applications of the Ultimate Principle is limitless and inexhaustible. The scoffers, in all the previous examples, failed to see this and only saw the previous or latest application of said principles. The visionaries of this world, know that a principle has no end.

Principle over Precedent!

True greatness has to do with living less in the personality plane and more to do with living more in your individuality, which ties back to getting that inner sense of awakening. The Truth is, in Essence, we are all great and have greatness lying in all of us. Even the ants crawling on the ground carrying a grain of sand excellently well, are great in their own Kingdom. But because most people live from the very limited and competitive grasping and selfish mindset of personality and wanting what others have or seeing the grass as greener on the other side, we don’t appreciate what we have and we in a manner of speaking, dwarf our own greatness and dull our individuality.

Coming back to the herd mentality, most people will in fact do the same things, but WHY each person does it differs like from person to person. In fact, for the reason that most people and everyone else is doing it just because of the bandwagon effect, should call your attention and question it deeply before you decide to get onboard. In most cases, the bandwagon are being led downhill off the cliff and the cattle herd are being led to the slaughterhouse. In man’s very limited, narrow minded and myopic level of unawakened consciousness to a more sublime and higher calling, man still hovers in the plane of personality, rather than individuality, [if you don’t know the difference, that’s okay] he seeks to blend in and let the myriad of systems do his thinking for him. As a result, he is yet to truly discover his identity and what he is a part of. The conformist can’t understand why the non-conformist doesn’t conform to the ways of the masses and the non-conformists and free thinker thinking for himself, can’t understand why he should.

Stop seeking the approval of people, from your “friend”, your parents or your god father or mother or whomever you’ve ignorantly handed over the keys of your freedom and your life to. Think for yourself and act, if you make a mistake, it would be YOUR mistake to make and to learn from. And the lessons learned from it will do you far more good and teach your much more quickly about life, bring you truly closer to God and who you are, than the bench warmer who is sitting by the side afraid to grab life by the horns. Friedrich Nietzsche did say “Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker” i.e that which doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. Applying it in this context, you’ll come out all the wiser for having attempted that thing and made a mistake [or a mess] from it. That’s it! Your mistake won’t be the end of your life. Like Jack Ma once said, “mistakes are revenues later” as long as you learn from them!

So, what are you going to do with your life? Are you going to hand over the keys of your life to society, with its endless archaic systems that will get you nowhere fast and eventually end up and suffer you to live a life oozing of mediocrity?

Will you hand the keys of your life to other people to show, tell or approve of how to live your life because they “know what’s best for you”? To hell with their approval! It’s worthless anyways! You know what they say “the people who matter, don’t mind and those who mind, don’t matter” You are the only approval you need. Yes, You, I am talking to you [… no one, Absolutely no one knows what’s best for you, like you know what’s best for yourself]

Or are you going to start living the life of an inner awakened consciousness that is anchored and built on the unshakable and indomitable rock of Truth, the Eternal “Truth that will set you free” that your Maker envisioned and set out for you from the very Beginning? The choice is yours.

Until then, remember who and what you are.  Stay very blessed my good friends. Cheers!

Napoleon X

Where will you be in the year 2079?

What will you be doing in the year 2079? I know it’s a grand question that conjures all sorts of possibilities and images into your mind. Or better, where will you be in the year 2079? I had the most vivid dream  [a Vision more of] The dream starts off with me waking up into my future self in the dream, i.e my “future self” woke up from a slumber, in the my dream. Basically “I woke up” to my future self. Get it? In a manner of speaking, my current self writing this, would be like a dream to my future self who had been sleeping, that I had just woken up or “woken into”. That’s exactly what it felt like, but not surprising, afterall, W.B Yeats did say our past, current and future lives are all going on simultaneously. Reality knows no boundaries of time nor space. And for the religiously inclined, Solomon after did tell us in Eccl.  3 v 115 that “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been” … God doesn’t know what time is, as everything exists in a sort of “Eternal Now” as God is All. The All knows no relative. Time is a relative concept arising from man’s limited consciousness. To quickly prove this or shed some light on this [To anyone reading this blog] We say it’s 2pm or 3pm because the earth has changed it’s position or moved with respect to or relative to the Sun, the Sun being the central body and earth the relative body. Now tell me, does the One who created, contains and encompasses both the Sun, the solar systems, Galaxy and Cosmos have any reference or knows any reference to itself? No! That would imply division of Itself [and God isn’t Divided] or Two “Infinities” and we know this is both a mathematical and an existential impossibility. How does the Absolute reference itself? It can’t, because It’s the absolute and It’s Unity, It only knows Itself. Thus, we say “God knows no time”. This is loosely stated in the Bible that “He is the same yesterday, today and forever”. God doesn’t know time, but God knows sequence, else there would be chaos. Everything exists eternally, but manifests in the world of matter sequentially and in the right order. After all, order is the First Law in Heaven. It’s important that you fully get this concept. On fully getting this, you’ll realize why [or how] the prophets of old or some people through visions or dreams, can accurately predict the future. Nothing manifests in the seeming world of matter, without first occurring in Mind. Similar to the way you can’t build a house without a completed architect’s blueprint. So you realize that things have happened in Mind already stretching into the year 2079 [and further] that will be gradually and sequentially manifesting in the seeming world of matter with “time”. This is a simple or quick and dirty explanation the average person can quickly grasp, but it’s much more abstract than this post will permit. But you get the drift.

So, where was I? Yea, the dream, so I woke up to find myself in a very high tech futuristic lab [Phronetic Labs?] in the year 2079… in the dream and for some reason, I instinctively knew it was the year 2079. The same way you know what day of the year, month, week it is without looking at the Calendar, your internal biological clock tells you. I knew it was the year 2079. What was Amazing was that, I saw the most futuristic and most breadth-taking -mouth watering-drooling technology and gadgets- and-manufacturing processes that are light years ahead of anything that is currently being used or even imagined today or even imagined by the greatest or most imaginative minds of our day. It would make the gadgets on the TV show Futurama, look crude and our current technology, it would make look like something from the stone age. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what we’re capable off!

On waking up, I quickly tried to write down in my notepad [which i always put by my beside before going to bed] the things I had seen, but words failed me 😦

How do you describe the indescribable? How do you explain to someone an experience that the limited twenty-six characters of the english language can’t explain? It reinforces my understanding of why so many ancient civilizations used symbols and images to relate supernatural experiences, and why great spiritual leaders spoke mostly in parables, and why spiritual texts are written with simple allegorical messages hiding their arcane, hidden and cryptic inner messages. Such experiences can’t be put down in words, as spiritual things, must be spiritually discerned

I literally can’t describe what I saw, but what was amazing was that, I had the feeling in my dream that humanity was heading in that direction in making all these things a reality someday. Same way Nikola Tesla had the vision that someday we would all communicate with each other wirelessly. Based on the discoveries of his time, he could “project” a hundred years into the future. Unlike Tesla, I am quite sure this wasn’t the product of my creative imagination, as the things I saw in that dream haven’t even been imagined by the most creative Hollywood CGI expert on a Steven Spielberg Movie, let alone me. It pales in comparison!

Why this vision was shown to me, is unclear, however, if a fraction of the things I saw are bound to unfold in the coming decades of humanity, then humanity is in for one heck of an awesome ride and I hope I am among those who will usher in and lead us into a new era of technological marvel and wonder 🙂



My Declaration of Principle …

Time to remind and renew my state of mind this new year 2017, as I do every year. Instead of some impulsive carnal resolution made on a whim that will be broken in a few days, that has no soul culture or long term benefits to my existence. I choose to remind myself on what is truly important in life and continue to dwell in it, which will also be updated throughout the year, as I’ve tried to live in it all my life. I thought I’d put it down in words, I call it My Anthem [and Pledge]

– I will continue to take care and focus on my spiritual life, my relationship with God, my I AM, because this is the backbone of everything I do and everything I am

– I will continue to take care of my family life, giving my siblings and loved ones not just money, but most of my time, attention and love

– I will continue to take care of my relationships with others, transforming my faith into life and my words into good works, especially on behalf of the needy, down trodden and heart broken

– I will continue to be careful of how I speak, purifying my tongue of offensive words, vulgarity and worldly decadence

– I will continue to Heal wounds of the heart with the oil of forgiveness, forgiving those who have hurt me and medicating the wounds we have caused others

– I will continue to look after my work, doing it with excellence, enthusiasm, humility, competence, passion and with a spirit of true service towards all. For indeed “for ye who will be the greatest in God’s kingdom, must be the servant of all”

–I will, by every means, avoid envy, lust, hatred and negative feelings towards others, negative feelings that devour my interior peace and transform me into a destructive person

– I will watch out and avoid anger that leads to vengeance; for laziness that leads to existential euthanasia; for pointing the finger at others, which leads to pride; and for complaining continually, which leads to frustration & desperation

– I will continue to take care of my Divine brothers and sisters who are weaker … the elderly, the sick, the hungry, the homeless and strangers, because “whatever I do to the least of my brothers, I also do the same onto God”

– I will not be a slave or attached to money or materiality, knowing fully well, that all really is vanity, all is fleeting and none of these have or provide any inner consciousness awakening for my soul development and spiritual evolution . For really, “what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and lose [not develop] his Soul?” Neither will I let the “good stay in my hands for too long”[my good friend Emerson] knowing fully well that, ‘All good and perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of lights’, for indeed, it is the ‘Spirit that giveth and it is the Spirit that taketh away’

– I will continue to walk by Faith, by the True Understanding of who I am and what I am a part of and not by sight or the wordly standards or ways of the world… dwelling in the house and consciousness of the Lord forever and ever. Amen!


The Shooting Star

The unforgettable sight and sound of a shooting star is truly something to behold

Mysteriously emanating from the seeming nothing, it mysteriously diffuses back into the seeming nothing. One never forgets the sight and sound of a shooting star, as it lights up, burns up and animates the heavens with its unfathomable sound, beauty and splendour.

It’s gentle rumbling and roaring sound, though short in duration and brief in its expression, yet, swift in its execution. Gone in a flash, gone in the blink of an eye, gone in a microsecond. The brief musical euphoria it leaves behind, is a heavenly musical melody, that cannot be compared to the greatest musical composition, of the highest musical scholastic intellect, of the greatest musical composer that ever lived, living or yet to live.

No, man’s greatest musical ingenuity, nay, the musical ingenuity of the collective consciousness of the race, if it could somehow be put together, would be nothing but a noisy and inharmonious musical drab, a heaping pile of mindless rubbish, babbling musical drivel, bland and dull to the ear, balderdash in nature and downright nonsensical at best, compared to the heavenly melody of God expressing Himself throughout the breathless beauty of the Cosmos.

The graceful streaking neon lights of a shooting star, seem to mysteriously emerge from the Ethers and Nothing and mysteriously dissolve back into the seeming eternal Nothing. The stargazers are left breathless and wonder from whence the shooting star emerges and to where it thus returneth.

But even the Nothing is Something. The Nothing vibrates and pulsates to its own Eternal musical composition, while manifesting Itself in a vast, myriad and multitudinous forms and arrays of expressions, from the minute and microscopic, to the grand and incomprehensibly gargantuan with Life unfathomable.

Indeed, the Universe is bursting, pulsating and fully alive with the Eternal Breadth of God.

God continuously outshines Himself Eternally, in the endless beauty of creation in the Cosmos.

But even all that expressed Beauty of the shooting star, and all the other Glory, Ecstasy, Bliss, Peace, Joy, Rapture, Elation, Euphoria and Splendour of God expressed throughout the Cosmos, is nothing, yea nothing, compared to Who and What Man Is and what has been expressed in and through Him, His Inner Beauty, Light and Glory. The neon streaking lights emerging from the shooting star, bastardly pales in comparison, to the Star, that is Man.

Yes, I’ve seen and heard a shooting star, and it left me O so Breathless.


Cover art: The Carina Nebula – Wikipedia Commons 

Bondage or Freedom: Man’s call to realize his Supreme Destiny and Take His Rightful Place in The Universe [Abridged Version]

Man is both the judge and jury of his own being, his life and existence. Through ignorance [of the Law] brought about by the limitations of his error consciousness, he has unfortunately taken upon himself a life of prolonged and habitual suffering from his erroneous thinking. As an inevitable consequential result, he has unknowingly sentenced himself to a life of pain, endless strife, constant struggles and unending suffering. Both consciously and unconsciously, he constantly dwells in the cave and insidious bondage of duality. Dwelling in the dark cave and dungeon of his self made ignorance, he mistakes the shadows for the real, thus, the fetters and the ball chains have become his daily companion. As a result, he works endlessly, but he constantly works in vain. He labours tirelessly, but he labours yield no lasting fruits, rotten at best. Yes indeed, “Ignorance of the Law is surely no excuse”, as every act of Transgression of the Law, will be met with an equal and swift corresponding iota of palpalble suffering. Yes, man eternally learns all he needs to from suffering, until then, he will “work off the sweat of his brow” and walk the arid earth with scored feet and bend his back in endless toiling.

With bloody palms and trodden feet, he slowly pushes the coarse boulder of his own ignorance, up the steep mountain of his self made hardship and suffering. Dragging the steel balls of chain up the rugged terrain of this deplorable mountain of pain, that pierces through the clouds, through the heavenly sky upwards onto infinity, he cries and calls out with a broken and weary heart, “freedom”. He cries because:

He’s boulder and this mountain; he would gladly trade with that of Sisyphus’

He’s trodden feet and bloody palms; he would gladly trade with the pierced ones of Christ, without any reservations, if it means nailing this burden of ignorance to the cross of Knowledge, Redemption and Freedom.

He’s thirsty tongue, he would happily surrender, nay, he would gladly cut out and trade with Socrates and dip into a thousand cups of hemlock, yes, if it meant quenching this thirst of ignorance.

He’s back he would gladly give for the stabbed one of a great Roman Emperor, if it meant stabbing the burdens of ignorance to the double edged impartial and liberating blades of Understanding.

He’s burning eyes he would gladly trade with the plucked ones of a Samson, if it meant seeing the real from the unreal, shaking off these chains of ignorance and bringing down this house of [T]error.

He’s heavy, bloody and bludgeoned head, he would gladly trade with that of St. John’s on the plate of a proud and arrogant king, if it meant severing off from the torso of ignorance.

And he’s broken heart, oh how he wished he could trade with the brave heart of a martyr, if it meant burning up this toxic flesh of ignorance.

Yes, man will continue to drink from the cup of his own suffering again and again and again, until he comes of Age. The daily double dose of calamity will be his companion, until he enlightens himself and awakens his Higher faculties, his Higher Self. Drowning and getting dragged into the ceaseless whirlpool of his own suffering and pain, he reaches, grasps and clings on to the lifeless and delusional branches of his own making, which he has fatally mistaken for the real or thinks will save him. After much struggling and puny efforts, he is left exasperated and breathless. To his astonishment and bewilderment, he realizes that his branches of deluded salvation have only borne him rotten fruits, rotten fruits which now feed and nest the crows and hungry vultures of the dark gloomy atmosphere. Willing to fulfill his hunger and flesh, he continues to gladly eat the rotten fruits from the tree of his own ignorance, leaving him yet again with more ignorance, more thirst, more hunger.

The more he eats from it, the hungrier he gets, the heavier and bloodier his eyes become. The more he tries to quench his thirst by drinking from his whirlpool, the thirstier he gets, as the salty brackish waters running through his veins, only ask for more and more to fulfill and water its carnal and unending lustful animal passions. Night and day, he is constantly tormented by this unquenchable thirst and insatiable hunger. Unable to fill the eternal hunger that troubles him and realizing he can never fill his belly by eating from this poisoned tree of ignorance or drinking from this pond of selfishness, man is once again, left grievously disappointed.

Still he searches on. For freedom, he marches on. For liberty itself and for liberty’s sake, he ventures on. On the soul’s pilgrimage and eternal quest he doesn’t know that he is on, THAT, until which he arrives at, he will continue to walk in circles with trodden feet, push his boulder with bloody palms and a weary heart, thirst and hunger for all of eternity, crawl in his cave bound hand and foot, sail his ship around in circles, while arrested to the ocean floor with the anchors of his own ignorance. For so long as he tries to free himself from the shackles of the strait jacket of his calamities, by constantly eating from the tree of his own ignorance, the tighter he will be bound. Unknown to him that all this while, “the very powers that bind him, are the same and only powers that can ultimately set him free”.

Still, for Freedom he searches on, because whatever ignorance he conquers, is indeed conquered all throughout eternity, forevermore. For Freedom, he searches on, because he knows “the sufferings of this present times, are nothing compared to the Glory that shall be revealed in and through him”. For that Living Bread and Water that will satisfy his eternal hunger and quench his unending thirst, and like a consuming fire, transform and consume all his false and error consciousness into an unending blaze of glorious manifestation, he definitely and optimistically searches on. A blazing manifestation, that can only be compared to the brightness of the sun at high noon, in which the brightness of the sun pails in comparison. Tranquil splendour that is more tranquil, more breathtaking and splendid than the dancing northern lights that transforms the Northern skies. Tranquility and splendour more captivating than the sprinkle and dash of stars that blankets the night sky of the Serengeti or a spiralling galaxy. Yes, the thistles and dead branches of ignorance have been instantaneously burnt up and consumed by the flames of Understanding. For nothing can withstand the scorching flames of Understanding, nothing.

It is indeed a consuming fire, a canon ball of fire blasting away the bolted hinges and steel doors of ignorance that have encapsulated his mind. Ignorance brought about by the accumulated inheritance and negative suggestions of the race. Liberated, he marches on triumphantly, shouting and proclaiming with joyous gladness in his heart and with an unmatched supreme authority, “Vive la Liberté!”

Vive la Liberté will forever be his proclamation, his new song indeed.

As the liberated fumes of Knowledge begin to ascend like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of his dead self, his ignorant self, the fumes of Knowledge cleanse, purifies and burn up the scales from the eyes of man, he no longer sees men as walking trees, nay, he has attained the pinnacle of clarity, the height of Understanding. Yes, he has put aside the cloudy and misty veil of delusion, gloriously ascended to the mountaintop of Understanding and majestically planted his flag there in triumphant glory. He has attained to the most sublime (or shall I colloquially say, the most sublimest) of Wisdom. He doesn’t seek Wisdom anymore, no; HE IS Wisdom itself. Even it be for a fraction of a second in eternity. In the immortal words of Sir William Blake, “To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour”, indeed, for an hour would be too long, an hour would be infinity in itself. Just give man one minute, just one minute. For a minute is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a minute. Wisdom so sublime and foreign to this foolish and mundane world of intellect and reason, that it can only be considered foolishness in itself. For the world can only deem such Wisdom foolishness when compared to the trammels of their ways, when in fact, such so-called foolishness is the only Wisdom there is.

Yes, the most intellectual and scholastic reasoning minds of the race, can only brand it as a heaping pile of incomprehensible and mindless rubbish, balderdash, that is downright nonsensical, at best. Babbling drivel of the highest order, literary hullabaloo to be pooh-poohed, scoffed and spat at by the most intellectual and reasoning minds. And so it must continue to be, when ignorance is burnt up, knowledge will be foolishness and foolishness will be Knowledge. For;

How can the Sublime be comprehended by the unsublime?

How can serenity and silence be comprehended by noise and agitation?

How can peace and tranquility be comprehended by confusion and commotion?

How can the light be comprehended by the darkness? For weren’t we told that “The Light Shineth forth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not?”

How can a kind, compassionate and loving heart, ever be comprehended and understood by a heart filled with hatred, envy, wickedness and utter selfishness?

How can the humble and meek nature of a sheep be comprehended by the deceitful and cunning nature of a wolf, of a serpent?

How can the purity and innocence of a dove, be comprehended by the devouring nature of the crow and the vulture?

Likewise and in the same way, Supreme Wisdom cannot and will never be comprehended by blind ignorance. Sublime things can only be sublimely comprehended, for if the sublime could easily be comprehended by the unsublime, it would instantly fail to be sublime. My good friend, Emerson triumphantly said, “Virtue doesn’t know that it is virtuous”, of course, how could it? For the only way for it to be conscious of its virtuousness, is to taste and eat from the tree of vice and evil, in which case, it would instantly cease to be virtuous. There’s no unity and duality, love and hate, good and evil, faith and fear, bondage and freedom, this and that. No! There’s either unity or duality, love or hate, good or evil, faith or fear, bondage or freedom dwelling in the temple that is man

Ignorance and Knowledge cannot be bunkmates, for where one is found in totality, the other is absent in totality [and obscurity]. The Universe refuses to be put asunder or be divided against itself. For a house divided against itself, will surely not stand. And so it must be if man is to hold the sceptre of his being, to realize and enter into his supreme destiny, as well as ultimately conquer the Universe.

The error consciousness of duality and the liberated consciousness of Unity will not and cannot coexist or be present in humanity. Either man is completely immersed and leaving in a liberated state of mind, to the inevitable absentia of the other, all the while enjoying and reaping the benefits and rewards of liberation, or he’s leaving in duality and eternally suffering the consequences.

And when liberation comes, O what a happy day it shall be indeed, for not only does it come like a thief in the night, it comes with a gail five hurricane force wind and the force of an earthquake, knocking off the canopies of ignorance and shaking the foundations of the cave in which man has subjected himself and dwelt for so long. [Un]Like [Plato’s] dwellers in a cave, long mistaking the shadows of himself for the ultimate reality, he will emerge, standing fully upright as the winds of change blow gently across his face.

Looking over his shoulders at the rubles of his demolished cave, he can’t imagine how he lived there for so long, bound hand and foot. Going back and trying to rebuild that cave is an unfathomable and laughable impossibility. He couldn’t, even if he tried, for when man is free, he’s free indeed. When man’s consciousness is liberated and set free, it is free indeed, forevermore, forevermore. In the words of Camus “In the depths of my winter, I found there lay within me, my invincible summer”. If I May I rephrase and paraphrase this statement for it’s eternal clarity, I dare say “In the depths of my winter, I found there lay within me, my invincible and eternal summer”.

Whatever setbacks and limitations he conquers in his consciousness, he surely conquers forevermore. Starring up into the starry night sky in bewilderment and to great astonishment, he instantly realizes that there are absolutely no faults in his stars, there never was and there never will be. Mounting his chariots of fire with supreme majesty and with the glorious whip of understanding, he dashes and trail blazes through the nightly forest, leaving a path of destruction, yes, burning up and laying waste to the dead branches and dried up leaves of ignorance, singing Vive La Liberte, as he dashes through the forest east, towards the horizon to the dawn of the rising sun of Truth!


Cover Art: Sisyphys (1548–49) by Titian, Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain – Wikipedia